The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Zouge in a therapy session

Zouge the Bat is the No Zone version of Rouge the Bat and functions as the therapist of Zone Jail. In these sessions, Zouge would try to get inmates to open up about their lives in order to find the root problem that caused them to take up criminal lives. This was all part of the jail's rehabilitation program, which made attending her therapy sessions entirely optional. As such, Scourge was never present for any sessions offered, even though the Warden desired that he join. (SU: #31)

Following the arrest of the Destructix, Lightning Lynx decided to attend one of Zouge's sessions that was being observed by the Warden. Zouge then welcomed Scourge's arrival soon after and encouraged they talk about when he felt the need to lash out. However Scourge redirected the focus towards Lightning since he was a newcomer to the prison. Zouge and the other inmates then listened to Lightning as he told of his life in the Raiju Clan and how he got banished due to letting his emotions be toyed with, not once, but twice and became involved in criminal activities in the time between. Before Zouge could do anything though, Scourge interrupted and began to egg on Lightning over how he had been mistreated by the Bride of the Conquering Storm though he had done nothing wrong. Zouge tried to get Scourge to make more constructive contributions, but he ignored her and continued to work Lightning and the other inmates into a frenzy over getting revenge and the session broke down into chaos despite Zouge's attempts to quell the situation. At that point, Zouge realized months of progress with the prisoners had been lost in an instant, and she turned to the Warden in disgust, telling him to return them to their cells. (SU: #31)

Background Information

  • Zouge's name was never stated in the comics, but was confirmed by writer Ian Flynn.


Zouge largely resembles her Prime counterpart, the most notable difference being their wardrobe. Zouge seems to wear business casual, with purple pants, a white shirt, and a magenta/pink suit jacket.

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