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Zone Cops
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Interdimensional Police Service

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No Zone

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Zone Police


Zone Cops (offically named the Zone Cops Corps) are police that patrol all the zones of the multiverse from the No Zone to ensure that all the zones are in balance and that aspects of one don't too greatly affect another. All citizens of the No Zone help to their cause, as patroling the entire multiverse is not a menial job. (CSE) The most well known Zone Cop is the counterpart to Sonic the Hedgehog, Zonic, who has recruited Sonic for various missions across the multiverse and faced incredibly powerful enemies. At some point, the Zones Cops entered a war with a mad man known as Dr. Nega, straining their resources. This forced them to lock down all but a few zones, as they faced increasing difficulties ensuring stability across the multiverse- a situation that only worsened with time. The fate of the Zone Cops is currently in question after the Super Genesis Wave caused the multiverse to collapse in on itself.


Interacting with Mobius Prime

Though unnoticed by Sonic, a Zone Cop called Zonic (his No Zone counterpart) was responsible for numerous zone crossover events, including the Universalamander incident, a few Evil Sonic battles, and the Giant Borg incident. Sonic never noticed Zonic's presence until an encounter with Sally Moon and Dr. Ivanna Robotina, during which Zonic makes his presence known in order to speed up the return of Robotina to the Luna Zone. Zonic explained that Sonic is called upon often because he is the Prime Zone's Sonic, and is destined to be the champion of all realities. (SSS: #8)

Giant Borg Crisis

Zonic in No Zone showing Sonic monitors of all the alternate Sonics inside the Zone Cops' base.

Following this, Zone Cop officer Zonic brought Sonic to the No Zone in order to track down numerous thefts of Giant Borg parts committed by Evil Sonic, under the employ of Robo-Robotnik (though his involvement was unknown by the Zone Cops at the time). Evil Sonic accidentally gave the pieces to the wrong Robotnik, leading to a battle with the Sonic Underground version of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, where Sonic was aided by his counterpart in that Zone, while Zonic was aided by that reality's version of Sonia the Hedgehog and Manic the Hedgehog in tracking down and capturing Evil Sonic. Once the latter was captured, Zonic imprisoned him in the No Zone, where he added insult to injury by revealing that the Anti Freedom Fighters named Evil St. John as their new leader in Evil Sonic's absence. (SSS: #10)

Missions in Other Zones

Zonic later stopped an assault from Sallactor (another version of Sally Acorn), just in time to recruit Sonic for a battle with giant monster versions of Sally, Bunnie Rabbot, Knuckles the Echidna, Tails, Rotor, Amy Rose and Jules Hedgehog. After a difficult win, Zonic claimed that he knew Sonic would make the right choice even if it meant killing a Zone version of his father. When Sonic demanded to know how he could possibly know such a thing, Zonic chose then to finally reveal his face and identity. (SSS: #12)

Zonic later rescued Sonic from another Zone where Evil Sonic framed him for the crime of "Extreme Emotional Anguish and Permanent Mental Scarring" (essentially, insulting someone) in Litigopolis, a Zone in which laws involved extreme culpability. (SSS: #14)

One of the many realities Officer Zonic explored was the possible future universe in the year 4235 and the Freedom Fighters of the Galaxy were the primary defenders. Though not interacting with the people of that universe, he watched to see how events progressed. (StH: #103, #104)

Some time later, officer Zonic was attacked by the escaping Evil Sonic. Wounded, he fled to the Prime Zone where he was found by Sonic, Antoine D'Coolette, and Antoine's father Armand D'Coolette. Sonic took Zonic to Dr. Quack for medical attention. Zonic recovered in time to warn Sonic about Evil Sonic's escape; however, before they could do much, they found that Antoine had already knocked Evil Sonic unconscious, thinking it was Sonic merely acting the part of a villain so that Antoine could impress his father. Zonic returned Evil Sonic to the No Zone for imprisonment. (StH: #112)

At an unknown point, the Zone Cops entered the zone of Verti-Cal and Horizont-Al. The two demigods had been warring with each other ever since the Ulitmate Annihilator had gone off, and their fighting had begun damaging other zones. Though Zonic realized they were not bad people, just unfortunate victims, they refused to cooperate, forcing the Zone Cops to take them down and imprison them in the Zone Jail. (SU: #29)

The Multiverse Destruction

Much later, Mammoth Mogul attempted to destroy every Zone in existence. Knowing that Mogul only feared Tails, the Chosen One, Zonic recruited all variations of Tails from all Zones (this time equipping them all, and Sonic, with special bracelets that would enable them to be positioned normally in the No Zone). By the time Zonic explained how Mogul had gotten his power, all Zones had been destroyed with the exceptions of the Prime and No Zones. In a last ditch effort to buy Tails time, Zonic and his fellow zone cops launched a massive attack on Mogul, which was easily thwarted. Zonic's hunch about Tails being able to defeat Mogul proved accurate as all of the alternate-Zone versions of Tails merged into Titan Tails, who succeeded in stopping Mogul and returning all Zones to their proper existence with no one having any memory of the event. (StH: #149, #150)

War with Dr. Nega & Lockdown

Some time after this, a madman known only as Dr. Nega began to cause chaos while traveling the Cosmic Interstate, and in the Zone Cops' attempts to stop him, the conflict escalated to a war of sorts, causing the No Zone to be left largely in ruin. Due to damage to the Cosmic Interstate and No Zone, a Zone lockdown was initiated with only a few worlds left open to interact with Mobius Prime for stability's sake. (StH: #197)

While Sonic was taking Scourge the Hedgehog to jail via the destroyed Cosmic Interstate, the green hedgehog broke loose and began a scuffle. However, the two were quickly arrested by officers Zespio and Zector for violating the Zone Lockdown Act. At Sonic's request (as he wanted answers for the many recent threats from other Zones), they were taken to the No Zone via a Warp Ring to see Zonic. Shortly after arrival, Scourge escaped custody and tried to further wreck the already-damaged No Zone to avoid being arrested again, but Zonic set Scourge as the primary target. Sonic demanded answers for the lockdown and ruin, so Zonic quickly explained their recent conflict with Nega before they captured Scourge with Sonic's skills and Zonic's special Control Collar. Sonic then asked Zonic why he had yet to remove Eggman from Mobius Prime, as he was from another Zone, but the zone cop revealed that due to the unusual nature of the original Robotnik's death, Sonic-Prime had to fight a Robotnik to keep his zone stable; therefore Eggman, despite originally not being of the Prime universe, would not be removed. He then arrested Scourge and ordered his officers to take Sonic home. (StH: #197)

At one point, Dr. Nega entered the Prime Zone with a pair of Zone Cops chasing after him in patrol vehicles. In an attempt to make him stop for the now 47 zone-border infractions he had committed, one of them shot at Nega's ship's "leg", and dislodged a capsule containing a stolen Sol Emerald. Nega escaped through a portal out of the Prime Zone however, and the officers continued in hot pursuit of him. (SU: #21)

Prison Break

Some time after Scourge was arrested, the Zone Cops caught the Destructix on the Cosmic Interstate, violating the pan-zonal lockdown, and a small force of officers and patrol vehicles confronted them on the added suspicion they were possibly agents of Dr. Nega as well. Instead of surrendering peacefully as ordered, the mercenaries reacted with extreme violence, destroying at least three squad cars and hospitalizing four officers before they were apprehended. Once Officer Zonic found all five of them had ties to Scourge, he oversaw their transport to Zone Jail and spoke to Warden Zobotnik over his concerns about them before he departed to look into an unrelated incident coming from the Prime Zone. (SU: #28, #29, #30)

While the Destructix were in the Warden's care, business continued as usual in the prison with "rehabilitating" Scourge and attempting to reform the other prisoners from their criminal lives. A few incidences focusing around Scourge occurred including some exercise yard fights and a disrupted therapy session of Zouge's, but they were relatively minor. Just days after they arrived though, the unthinkable happened and the Destructix staged a prison break, taking over the control room under Znively's watch while releasing all the prisoners to cause a full-blown riot. (SU: #29, #30, #31)

With the loss of the command center and no control over the gravity, the guards were hard pressed to fight back and prevent the prisoners from getting far. Backup eventually arrived with officers teleporting in all over the prison and more en route in patrol vehicles, while Warden Zobotnik was finally able to gain a foothold by authorizing the use of the F.O.E. Inhibitors to subdue Al & Cal during their rampage. However the riot served its purpose, and Scourge escaped custody along with the Destructix. In the aftermath, Zobotnik wanted to go after Scourge, but Zonic explained they had no time or resources to spare doing so between the situations with Nega, the Prime Zone, and the prison itself. The best the Zone Cops could do were believe Scourge had fled to his homeworld, and hope that he stayed there. (SU: #32)

Zonewide Collapse

Not long after, Dr. Eggman launched the second Genesis Wave upon the Prime Zone, followed immediately by the Super Genesis Wave, which ended up spreading and causing the entire multiverse to collapse. Due to this, the current fate of the Zone Cops and the No Zone is in doubt. (StH: #247, #251, #256)


  • Control Collar: The Control Collar is a metal ring which clamps around the target's neck and keeps their powers inactive.
  • F.O.E. Inhibitors: Rocket- launcher weapons used for restraining targets in situations where Control Collars are inadequate.
  • Lasers: Laser beams built into their uniforms that are fired from the wrist.
  • Spatial Stabilizers: Devices used to keep visitors to their zone from being sideways.
  • Zone Police cars- hovercraft armed with lasers; used to pursue criminals
  • Prisoner Transports- hovercraft used to convey prisoners to Zone Jail; the prisoner bay has gravity oriented to the prisoners' normal Zone while the cockpit is oriented to the No Zone's gravity.
  • Night Sticks- restraint weapons used by the prison guards.

Background Information

  • All of the featured Zone Cop's names start with a Z instead of their Prime counterparts:
    • Zonic=Sonic
    • Zector=Vector
    • Zespio=Espio
    • Zobotnik=Robotnik
    • Znively=Snively
    • Zouge=Rouge
    • Znuckles=Knuckles
  • In the Official Blog, Zonic mentioned the existence of Officer Zhadow who takes on a dour attitude like his Prime Zone counterpart . The blog has also mentioned an Officer Zantoine and Lt. Zally Zacorn, who operates as Zonic's direct superior officer. The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia also noted that Knuckles the Echidna's counterpart is named Znuckles, though it didn't specify whether or not he was a Zone Cop.
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