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Sonic Universe #76

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Deadly Six


Zomom is a large yellow and black Zeti and a super strong member of the Deadly Six.


Worlds Unite


Zomom and his teammates enslaved.

Zomom and the rest of his teammates were forcibly enslaved by Dr. Eggman when the evil scientist arrived on the Lost Hex during the Shattered World Crisis. However, they were subsequently freed by the evil Sigma, and in gratitude forced Eggman and Dr. Albert W. Wily to help build up his operations for conquest of the Multiverse. However, after being granted power-enhancing armor, the Deadly Six attempted to rebel against Sigma and take the reins of his plan. A trap that Sigma had implanted in the armor was then activated, rendering the Deadly Six obedient to him. Seeking further minions, Sigma dispatched Zomom, Master Zik, and Zazz to Earth 20XX in Wily's time to capture Mega Man. The blue hero briefly mistook Zomom for a Yellow Devil robot, annoying Zomom as he attacked the Robot Master. Mega Man put up a brave fight, but was ultimately defeated when Master Zik used his powers to turn Mega Man's own weapon against him. Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog, who had been captured by Zomom's other teammates, were soon converted into Roboticized Masters M'egga Man and Sonic Man. The pair were then sent to place Sigma's Unity Engines in Mobotropolis and Mega City, a prelude to merging the two worlds together. (SU: #76; WUB: MM; SB: #8)

Zomom attacks

Zomom in battle.

However, the two then set upon each other due to Wily and Eggman's secondary programming, and were eventually restored to their heroic forms. Recognizing that he had been tricked, Sigma sent Zomom, Zik, and Zeena after the two scientists. After their pursuit failed due to the intervention of Xander Payne, they were reunited with Zazz, Zavok, and Zor to lead Sigma's Mechaniloid army against the approaching Sky Patrol and its crew. The heroes fought bravely, with Big the Cat and Gemerl teaming up against Zomom, followed by Mega Man, Sonic, and Sticks the Badger, the latter of whom Zomom batted away. The heroes succeeded in destroying the Mechaniloids, but the Zeti counterattacked by using their technology-controlling powers against the Maverick Hunters and Robot Masters, forcing them to attack the others. They were ultimately halted when the Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon destroyed their armor, and Zomom and his teammates were placed in the Sky Patrol brig. Xander's actions later reversed time to a point before Eggman's invasion of Zomom's home, presumably returning him and his comrades to the Lost Hex. (SB: #9; StH: #273; MM: #50, #52; SU: #77; StH: #274)


Zomom is a fairly slow-witted member of the Deadly Six who dislikes being called names. He is also quite gluttonous, with little regard for where the mess from his meals ends up-or on whom.


Like the other Zeti, Zomom is super-strong and possesses the ability to control machinery. Despite his massive size, he is also surprisingly agile.

Background Information

  • Zomom and the other members of the Deadly Six debuted in the game Sonic: Lost World.