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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Twilight Cage Inhabitants

A Zoah (upper right) and the other aliens of the Twilight Cage.

The Zoah were an alien race imprisoned within the Twilight Cage. Led by General Raxos, they once resided in the same galaxy as Mobius, but were teleported to the Cage in the Argus Event and trapped on a fragment of rock from their homeworld. Like all of the other aliens in the Twilight Cage, they were prepared to wage violent conquest on their homeworld. The Zoah soon became bitter enemies of the N'rrgal, a race of energy-eating parasites, and upon the arrival of the Nocturnus Clan they were conquered and enslaved by Imperator Ix. (CSE)

The Zoah are a violent race of black-armored giants, mainly composed of blue crystalline energy. They live in a strict warrior-caste society in which criminal cases are judged in fighting tournaments. (CSE)

The experimental weapon that Kragok created for Lien-Da's assassination of Luger was designed to leave no evidence behind, or simply appear to be a Zoah attack. (StH: #205)

Background Information[]

  • The Zoah are a species of militaristic giants introduced in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood that are trapped within the Twilight Cage. This was confirmed to be canon to the Archieverse in The Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia, though the race was mentioned prior to the encyclopedia's release.
  • The Zoah pictured in the Encyclopedia with the other aliens appears to be Commander Syrax, General Raxos' second-in-command in Sonic Chronicles. He was not identified as such, however.