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The Deadly Six under Sigma's control.

The Zeti are a race of alien beings that reside on the planet like continent of the Lost Hex. The most infamous members of this race are the Deadly Six, a gang of powerful fighters with villainous goals.


The Deadly Six[]

At some point, a Zeti by the name of Master Zik founded the group that became known as the Deadly Six. Eventually its leadership was taken over by Zavok, with members including Zeena, Zor, Zomom, Zazz, and Zik himself.


Background Information[]

  • The Zeti were introduced in the game Sonic Lost World.
  • Upon meeting Zavok for the first time in Sonic Halloween Comic Fest 2013, Dr. Eggman addresses him as one of the "fabled Zeti". This suggests that the Zeti are a type of legendary cryptid (possibly an endangered species), having been around long enough to become the stuff of legend.