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Sonic Universe #76

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Deadly Six


Zeena is a green, female Zeti and the only girl member of the Deadly Six.


Worlds Unite


Zeena and her enslaved teammates.

Dr. Eggman forced Zeena and her teammates to serve him after discovering the Lost Hex, but their servitude was ended when Sigma destroyed the Cacophonic Conch. Thus liberated, the Deadly Six forced Eggman and his forcibly recruited partner Dr. Wily to serve Sigma's interests, which included equipping them with power-enhancing Sigma Armor. After Sigma announced his intention to conquer the Multiverse using his Unity Engines, the Deadly Six double-crossed him and attempted to control the Maverick tyrant with their power. Undeterred, Sigma activated a failsafe mechanism Eggman and Wily had installed in the armor, putting Zeena and her teammates under his complete control. Zeena was then dispatched to Mobius' surface alongside Zavok and Zor to capture Sonic the Hedgehog while their teammates traveled to Earth 20XX to capture Mega Man. After Sonic Man and M'egga Man set up Unity Engines on their respective worlds and then cured each other, Sigma realized that Wily and Eggman had tricked him. As such, he ordered Zeena, Zomom, and Master Zik to hunt down the fugitive doctors. (SU: #76; WUB: StH; MM: #50)

Zeena fights Amy and Bunnie

Zeena battles Amy and Bunnie.

The two escaped with the aid of Xander Payne, and the trio were redirected to join Zavok, Zor, and Zazz in attacking the Sky Patrol with Sigma's Mechaniloid army. Zeena engaged such foes as Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette and Amy Rose, who proved formidable even for the enslaved Zeti. Though the heroes managed to defeat the Mechaniloids, Zeena and her fellow Zeti turned the tables by using their powers on the Maverick Hunters and Robot Masters, forcing them to attack their own allies. However, it took all the concentration the Zeti possessed to do so, and they were thus unable to act when Eggman and Wily employed their Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon. This device freed the heroes and destroyed the armor controlling and empowering the Zeti. Sally Acorn then ordered the six villains to the brig, but their exertions caused Zeena and her teammates to pass out. They were then taken to the brig by the heroes, who were then forced to confront Sigma's Time-Clone Maverick army. Due to the actions of Xander, both Sigma's trip back in time and Eggman's invasion of the Lost Hex were erased from history, and Zeena and her allies were thus presumably returned home with no memory of the conflict. (MM: #52; SU: #77, StH: #274)


Zeena, like the rest of the Deadly Six, despises the idea of servitude to others, and despite being freed from Eggman's control by Sigma was as quick as her teammates to turn against him and usurp his plans for conquering the Multiverse.


Like her fellow Zeti, Zeena possesses great strength and the ability to control technology by manipulating magnetic fields. Zeena is also uniquely capable of producing green energy cords that she uses in combat like whips, both striking and entangling opponents as well as seizing objects-even ones much larger than her-and using them to strike.

Background Information

  • Zeena, like all the Deadly Six, first appeared in the game Sonic: Lost World.