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Zector speaks with Sonic.

Zector is a Zone Cop and the No Zone counterpart to Vector the Crocodile. His citizenship in a perpendicular Zone intersecting all parallel zones, consequentially causes him to typically appear oriented sideways in any of the parallel Zones. His job as a Zone Cop requires him to monitor all realities maintaining balance in all zones, only allowing people to appear in other zones when they are needed.


Zone Lockdown

After defeating Scourge the Hedgehog, Sonic brought him to the Cosmic Interstate, hoping to have Zonic provide answers as to why so many alternate-Zone-beings had been allowed in the Prime Zone for so long. Zector and Zespio found and arrested Sonic and Scourge the Hedgehogs for going through the Cosmic Interstate during a Zone lockdown. The cops then took Sonic and Scourge to see Zonic via a Warp Ring. They arrived in a ruined No Zone and Scourge managed to escape by kicking the others out of the way and attempted to fully destroy the No Zone. Sonic and the Zone Cops met up with Zonic and they went after Scourge together. The group quickly captured Scourge thanks to Sonic's skills and Zonic's special Control Collar. Zector and Zespio then accompanied Sonic back to Mobius Prime. (StH: #197)

Some time later, Zector was transporting the Destructix to Zone Jail along with Zonic, when they detected a breach coming from Mobius Prime. Zector wondered why they were just delivering prisoners instead of investigating the disturbance, but Zonic said he first wanted to speak to the Warden about his concerns relating to the Destructix. During Zonic's meeting, Zector oversaw the prisoner unloading, and then departed with Zonic to check on the incident in the Prime Zone once their business was done. (SU: #28, #29)

Background Information

Zector's name is a combination of Zone and Vector.