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Sonic Universe #76

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Zazz is a slender purple and black Zeti and a member of the Deadly Six.


Worlds Unite


Zazz and the other Zeti under Sigma's control.

Zazz and his teammates became slaves to Dr. Eggman after he took over the Lost Hex and subdued them using the Cacophonic Conch. However, Eggman's robotic minion Orbot was then possessed by Sigma, an evil intelligence from Earth 20XX's future, who shattered the conch and freed the Zeti. They proceeded to force Eggman to build Sigma a new body, and then bullied him and Dr. Wily into converting Eggman's Badnik assembly line into one for Sigma's Mechaniloids. After the doctors created Sigma's Unity Engines and power-enhancing armor for the Deadly Six, however, Zavok led his teammates in rebellion, the group seeking to take the helm of Sigma's scheme to conquer the Multiverse. However, Sigma had anticipated such treachery, and the armor the Deadly Six had been given became the tool of their enslavement. Zazz was soon sent through a Genesis Portal to Earth 20XX with Master Zik and Zomom to capture Mega Man, while their teammates went to Mobius' surface to attack Sonic the Hedgehog. Zazz was later deployed alongside Zomom and Zeena to hunt down Wily and Eggman after they betrayed Sigma. When this search proved fruitless thanks to Xander Payne's intervention, the trio rejoined Zavok, Zik, and Zor to take charge of Sigma's Mechaniloids. (SU: #76, #77; WUB: #MM)

Zazz throws Zor

Zazz and Zor "teaming up."

They thus led an assault on the Sky Patrol, and were quickly recognized to be under Sigma's control. Zazz notably fought Knuckles the Echidna, who had been equipped with Wood Man's Leaf Shield ability. Unfortunately, Zazz and his teammates soon turned their abilities to manipulating the heroic Robot Masters and Maverick Hunters aboard ship. While they were forcing the heroes to battle each other, Zazz suggested turning their powers on the Sky Patrol and crashing it. This plan was vetoed by Zavok, both because it would divide their already stretched energies and because it would result in their deaths as well as those of the heroes. However, their defeat was later insured by the Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon, which destroyed their Sigma Armor and broke their hold on the heroic robots. Drained of power, the Zeti fell unconscious and were confined to the Sky Patrol's brig while the heroes faced their next challenge: Sigma's army of Maverick Time-Clones. However, the events of this conflict were later erased due to Xander's actions, returning Zazz and his teammates to the Lost Hex with no memory of their enslavement by either Eggman or Sigma. (MM: #50, #52; SB: #9; StH: #274)


Zazz is quite possibly the most berserk member of the Deadly Six, given to violent and psychotic attacks on his enemies.


Zazz shares the abilities of all Zeti-super strength and the ability to control technology-and backs them up with a sharp set of claws.

Background Information

  • Zazz and the other members of the Deadly Six debuted in the game Sonic: Lost World.