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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Zax and raynor

Rob returning the brothers to Mari-An

Zax is the brother of Raynor and Mari-An and a member of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas. Zax and his brother went wandering through the forest after the Lost Tribe were saved from boiling lava caused by the most recent Day of Fury. They were later found by Rob o' the Hedge after causing the High Sheriff's castle to explode and returned Zax and Raynor to Mari-An. The two brothers didn't talk, but did seem to be very affectionate of Mari-An, they are not seen saying goodbye to Mari-An when they head to Albion and she stays behind to be with Rob. (KtE: #10, #11, #12)

Background Information[]

  • It is highly likely Zax perished along with the rest of Albion's inhabitants in the Egg Grapes. However, given that Remington mentioned members of the Lost Tribe surviving and helping the former Angel Islanders adapt to life in the ruined city, it is possible that he may have survived only to fall victim to Thrash the Devil.