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Zavok is a Zeti and the leader of the villainous Deadly Six, a group who reluctantly aligned themselves with Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik after he discovered the Lost Hex.


Worlds Unite[]

Sigma Transfers to Body

Zavok assisting Sigma.

Zavok and his teammates were enslaved by Dr. Eggman using the Cacophonic Conch after he discovered the Lost Hex during the Shattered World Crisis. However, Zavok soon found an unlikely benefactor in the form of Sigma, a computer virus from another world who had possessed Orbot. Sigma destroyed the Cacophonic Conch and freed the Deadly Six from Eggman's control, and in gratitude Zavok forced Eggman to assist Sigma by constructing a new body for him. He also joined his teammates in bullying Eggman and Dr. Albert W. Wily at Sigma's behest, up until they were fitted with power-enhancing armor created by the doctors on Sigma's orders. It was at this point that Sigma announced his intention to take over multiple worlds, a plan that Zavok approved of in every regard but one: he intended for the Deadly Six to rule over reality with no one as their superior or equal. Unfortunately for Zavok, Sigma had foreseen such betrayal, and despite the Deadly Six's command of his body remained in control of his will. He then activated a trap implanted in the armor, which rendered the Deadly Six completely subservient to him. Zavok was subsequently deployed along with Zeena and Zor to Mobius' surface to capture Sonic the Hedgehog while their teammates went to Earth 20XX to capture Mega Man. Despite Sonic's speed, he proved to be no match for Zavok's raw power and that of his teammates. Sigma mused that between the enslaved Zeti and the soon-to-be-corrupted heroes, he would have his traditional eight commanders. (SU: #75, #76; WUB: StH)


The enslaved Deadly Six.

Zavok later reported to Sigma regarding the approach of the various heroes who had aligned under the cured Sonic and Mega Man. He and his teammates would then be called upon to lead an army of Mechaniloids against the restored Sonic and Mega Man and their growing force of heroes, who arrived aboard the Sky Patrol. Despite their superior numbers, the Zeti and their robotic minions were hard-pressed to defeat the heroes. As such, Zavok and his fellow Deadly Six members employed their robot-controlling abilities to turn the Robot Masters, Maverick Hunters, and Gemerl against their teammates. Zavok vetoed the suggestion of Zazz to crash the Sky Patrol into the planet's surface, as it would cause their deaths, and instructed his teammates to continue pressing their attack. However, they were defeated when Eggman and Wily employed their Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon, which freed their victims and destroyed their armor. Freed from Sigma's control, Zavok still refused to surrender, but he and his teammates were captured and thrown in the Sky Patrol's brig. Time was later reversed to a point prior to Eggman's invasion of the Lost Hex, presumably returning Zavok and his cohorts to their home with no memory of the conflict. (SU: #77; SB: #9; StH: #274; MM: #52)

Under Eggman's Thumb[]




Zavok is a red Zeti with a very stocky build. The majority of his upper body is pure red, as is his serpentine tail. He has five-fingered hands that end with sharp cyan-colored nails. Zavok's body from the waist down is black in coloration, ending in two-clawed feet with cyan toes. His head is relatively small compared to the rest of his body and his lower jaw sticks out, showing a row of spiked fangs. The upper half of his head is black save for red markings around his eyes, which are purple with yellow sclera. Zavok has what appears to be a relatively thick cyan-colored unibrow that forms a vaguely V-shaped crest. Sticking out from the sides of his head, Zavok has two vicious curved horns that are striped in varying shades of dark grey. Zavok appears to be bald, sans for a cyan ponytail sticking out from the back of his head. Zavok has two rows of sharp black spikes sticking out of his shoulders. His only attire seems to be a pair of black bracelets with grey spikes jutting out.


Zavok is a brutal, villainous individual who disdains the idea of being in servitude or even partnership with another being unless he is forced to.


Zavok fights Sonic

Zavok battling Sonic.

Like his fellow Zeti, Zavok has strength exceeding that of a typical Mobian or Human, making him a formidable opponent even for a robot. He also possesses the ability to control technology, and while wearing enhancement armor provided by Sigma could even control technology from the future of Earth 20XX. Unique from the other Zeti, Zavok commands some power of pyrokinesis, allowing him to generate fire attacks for use against his enemies.

Background Information[]

  • Zavok and the other Deadly Six members debuted in Sonic Lost World.