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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Not to be confused with Zain of Mega Man X.

Zan the Dragon
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Unknown (Died 3236)

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Breathe Fire, Flying


Zan was a large red scaled Dragon native to the planet Mobius.


The abusive mate to Dulcy during her time spent near the United Federation territory, Zan was contemptuous of all other intelligent creatures on Mobius because he considered them inferior to dragons. When Station Square sent military officials to scope out the island where he and Dulcy were living, Zan was infuriated, attacking Station Square in retaliation. Sonic the Hedgehog was then sent to help G.U.N. defeat Zan in order for Station Square to take in some Overlander refugees from Robotropolis. Once the strike force landed Zan started to pick them off one at a time. Sonic, Tails, and Bunnie were soon reunited with Dulcy in Zan's cave. When Zan found the three "lesser beings" he was going to fry them, but was calmed down by his mate. Sonic and company soon fought against him for Dulcy's sake (due to the fact that they saw him abuse Dulcy). In the end it wasn't Sonic who slayed the dragon - the remaining G.U.N. troops blew the cave up ensuring Zan's death. Even after being freed, Dulcy continued to bear the emotional scars of his treatment, at one point mentioning him while delirious during an attack on Vesuvio by Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. (StH: #106, #107, #156)


Zan was a cruel, savage individual who literally hated all who were not Dragons. Even those who are Dragons are not above his violence at times, as Dulcy obviously suffered both emotionally and physically while the pair were together.


Zan possessed the fire breath and flight abilities common to most Dragons, but unlike Dulcy had no visible wings to enable his flight. He was also quite strong, challenging the Freedom Fighters in battle and even sending Dulcy flying a considerable distance through the air despite her size.


Zan's appearance is based off of Chinese depictions of a dragon: a long, serpentine body with four legs ending in four-toed feet with golden claws. His eyes were red to match most of his body, with the exception of a golden beard, horns, eyebrows, and a darker gold ridge of spines that ran along his back. Zan also possessed two long whiskers that trailed from the end of his snout.

Background Information[]

  • Ian Flynn previously indicated that other Dragons similar to Zan might be explored, but Worlds Collide and the resulting reboot of the franchise - which saw the disappearance of many elements not created by SEGA, the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series staff, or the Archie staff under Ian Flynn from the comics - makes it seem likely that this will not occur.
    • However, Dulcy's confirmed existence in the new continuity could potentially hint towards other dragons inhabiting the planet; including certain varieties.