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Knuckles the Echidna #10

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  • Fur: Brown
  • Eyes: Purple
  • Tribal outfit
  • Sandals
Political Alignment and Abilities

Yanar was a member of the Lost Tribe of Echidnas and disciple to Athair. Dedicated to his people, Yanar assisted Knuckles the Echidna during his tenure as Mitre of the Lost Tribe, ultimately resulting in the tribe successfully finding its way to Albion. Following this, Yanar became an honorary member of Albion's High Council. Yanar was always quick to defend both the decisions of Athair and Knuckles, supporting the actions of the latter in a debate that arose in the High Council. Yanar was one of the many Echidnas in Albion when it was invaded, and presumably was either captured and met his demise in the Egg Grape Chamber, or else survived to be exiled by Thrash the Devil.


Member of the Lost Tribe

Yanar was a friend and follower of the Forgotten Tribe's last Mitre, Athair, whom considered Yanar akin to a son. Despite often not understanding Athair's methods, Yanar had faith in his decisions and did not question his motives when he left the Lost Tribe and assigned his great-grandson Knuckles to take his place. Following Athair's disappearance, Yanar aided Knuckles in leading the tribe's search for the fabled city of Albion. (KtE: #10, #11)


Yanar in prison with Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower

While wandering through Mercia, the Lost Tribe was attacked and scattered after Dr. Ivo Robotnik's local Sub-Boss, the High Sheriff, used his Robian forces to capture and enslave many of the tribe's members. Yanar was one of the many who was captured, and he was thrown into a prison cell where he met Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower. When one of the guards tried to take Sonic away for interrogation, Yanar attacked the Robian and was dragged off instead for punishment. During the scuffle, Yanar managed to grab a key off the guard, and kicked it to Sonic before being taken away. When Sonic managed to break free and rescue Tails, the two soon encountered Knuckles, Rob O' the Hedge and Mari-An, who had snuck into the High Sherriff's castle. To their horror, they discovered that Yanar was to be publicly executed to serve as an example to those who would resist the High Sheriff's orders. (StH: #58)

With help from Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Rob and Mari-An, Yanar was rescued just as he was about to be killed, and the Lost Tribe was liberated from captivity. Yanar, reconsidering his interpretation of the Tomes, revealed that when he thought he was about to die, he'd had a stunning vision of Albion, and had come to the realization that Rob must be "the other" referred to in the texts. After this, Rob managed to point the Lost Tribe in the direction of Albion, and soon the tribe was greeted by the city's High Councillor, Gala-Na. Upon entering the city, Yanar noticed Knuckles looking glum. When Knuckles explained his place was back on the Floating Island, Yanar told him not to be upset, and that Athair and the Mitres before him would be proud of him. Yanar, saying Athair had anticipated the Guardian's desire, then passed on to Knuckles the Guiding Star Gem, enabling him to easily return return home to the Floating Island. (KtE: #12)

Member of the High Council

Albion High Council01

Yanar defending Knuckles' previous decision to return to Angel Island

The next time Yanar was seen was during Knuckles' trek to Albion along with Rob O' the Hedge, Amy Rose, Antoine D'Coolette and Bunnie Rabbot, the others searching to find Antoine's father (the High Sheriff) and Knuckles seeking answers for the disappearance of the Floating Island's entire population. Yanar felt Councillor Rita-Le was "making much ado over nothing" when she objected to outsiders visiting Albion. After the others went to sleep, Yanar spoke to Knuckles, who was overlooking the city. When Knuckles found out Albion knew of the Dark Legion's attack on Angel Island and the subsequent disappearance of the island's population, Knuckles yelled at Yanar. In turn, Yanar explained there was nothing they could do to help at the time, turning Knuckles' attention to the more pressing matter of the High Sheriff, whom the High Council had decided to dismantle in the name of the "greater good" due to the recent arrival of Dr. Eggman to Mobius Prime. While discussing the issue with Knuckles, the High Sheriff broke free from his shackles and began to attack. In the ensuing fight Knuckles evolved into Chaos Knuckles, resulting in a major explosion causing Yanar to go into shock. (StH: #89, #90)

After Chaos Knuckles teleported the disabled High Sheriff, Antoine and the others away, Yanar brought the two hired bounty hunters Nic and Nack the Weasel before the High Council, telling the pair that they were only hired due to dire circumstances. Yanar agreed with the High Council's decision that Knuckles' new powers proved a threat to everyone and they needed to be neutralized. Following the successful capture of Chaos Knuckles, Yanar provided the Weasel siblings with the High Council's payment, telling them to forget the incident ever happened. (StH: #91, #93)


As a result of the Albion scientist Dr. Finitevus mutating and becoming psychologically unstable from using the Chaos Siphon Suit to drain some of Chaos Knuckles' powers, the scientist escaped from Albion captivity and informed the Eggman Empire of Albion's location. Yanar was either captured along with most of the city's population, or he may have escaped and lived on in the ruins. If the latter is the case, he would have joined the Angel Island Echidnas after the Day of Transit, only to be banished to parts unknown by Thrash the Devil. (StH: #182, #243, #244, CSE)


Calm and non-aggressive, Yanar had a close relationship to Athair, seeing him as a kind of mentor while the latter considered him something of a son. Yanar was somewhat lacking in confidence, describing himself as only a "mere" disciple and believing himself unfit to lead the tribe even temporarily as he was not a Mitre or the prophesied "other" (who turned out to be Rob O' the Hedge). However, because of his great faith in both the Tomes and Athair, he accepted his task and tried his best to lead the tribe until the arrival of Knuckles, at which point he essentially acted as second-in-command. While Knuckles was prone to irritation and frustration due to Athair's vague clues and a lack of direction, Yanar simply believed that everything would work out if it was meant to be; despite all his hardships, Yanar was not one to give into anger.

Background Information

  • Yanar was one of several Echidnas whose ultimate fate was left up in the air. While it was initially believed that all of the inhabitants of Albion had perished in the Egg Grapes, StH #243 revealed that some members of the Lost Tribe had apparently escaped capture by the Eggman Empire. However, if Yanar was part of this latter group, he was amongst those who was captured and expelled from Mobius by Thrash the Devil.


Yanar was originally depicted as a red echidna, but was later changed to having dull brown fur.

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