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Lord Yagyu

A Yagyu Lord talking to Monkey Khan, Liu Chi Mei, and Liu Fang in 3236

A Yagyu Lord is a factional leader of the Yagyu ninja, a clan in the Dragon Kingdom.


Ancient Order[]

At some point in the clan's past, the Yagyu were divided into various bands who were renowned as hired killers and swordmasters. Each branch answered only to a Yagyu Lord who held power over his own region. However, the original Bride of Rich Nights eventually united the various factions under her rule, and the Yagyu Lords became her underlings, and considered her ceremonial "husbands." (SU: #14)

Modern Lords[]

One of the Yagyu Lords was confronted by Monkey Khan, Liu Chi Mei, and Liu Fang after a spree of thefts in Leung Kar. The Yagyu Lord had them trapped in the treasure chamber they kept all their stolen loot along with its guardian, the robotic dragon Kamezon. Monkey Khan, however, used the power of his Atom-Bat to mess up Kamezon's gold detector and it went after the Yagyu Clan using its fire breath, allowing the trio to take all the riches stolen over fifty years back to their owners. (SSS: #8)


Another Yagyu Lord talking to Monkey Khan and Sally in 3237

Another Yagyu Lord was forced to accept Regina Ferrum as the new leader of the clan following the murder of the last Bride of Rich Nights by Jun Kun. As a result of the Bride's death, he was the Yagyu Leader that Khan, Sally Acorn, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Tails were forced to approach in their efforts to dissolve the clan's loyalty to the Iron Dominion. Though he summoned the group to meet with him, he refused to meet with Sonic and Tails, and proved difficult for Sally to deal with, casually dismissing her arguments. However, after explaining that it was only under the Bride system that the clan had turned to thievery, and expressing a longing for the old ways of regional lords, Khan convinced him to break ties with the Iron Dominion and in order to allow the clan to adopt its old structure (knowing that, ultimately, the clan would not be able to maintain efficiency this way). The Lord agreed to this and swore to spread the word that the Yagyu were finished with the clan system. (StH: #207, SU: #14)

In New Mobotropolis, two other Lords witnessed Monkey Khan's declaration that the Yagyu were free of the Dominion. One gave the order for the clan to return home, explaining to a flustered Lien-Da that even between fierce rivals, one's word of honour was sacred. (StH: #211)

Background Information[]

  • Writer Ian Flynn stated that the lord from SU: #14 was a different character than the one that appeared in SSS: #8. His armour is of different colour and he bears a scar across one eye.