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Worlds Unite is a crossover between the Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man comic series', and a sequel to Worlds Collide. The series ran through the Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Universe, Mega Man and Sonic Boom titles, as well as a a prequel issue released for Free Comic Book Day and two one-shot issues. The story assembled characters from the largest amount of properties: as well as the main Sonic and Mega Man universes, the universes of their respective spin-off titles Sonic Boom and Mega Man X, and later characters from numerous other SEGA and Capcom properties. The story continues from where the Mega Man storyline "Dawn of X" left off.

Unlike the previous crossover, the story occurs within the main Sonic and Mega Man comic continuities.


Worlds Unite Unified Army

The heroes and villains of Worlds Unite.


In Worlds Collide, Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily were brought together by a chance meeting from across realities due to the power of a Chaos Emerald. Bonding over their high intelligence and hatred of a respective blue hero, the kindred spirits got the idea to team and put together a plan to take over both of their respective worlds. After constructing the Skull Egg Zone (a pocket dimension connecting their worlds) and the Wily Egg, the doctors used the Genesis Wave to alter the reality of their worlds.

On a completely altered version of Sonic's World and a time-warped version of Earth 20XX, the doctors set their plan into motion by kidnapping Sonic's friends and changing them into the Roboticized Masters, before sending them to hunt down the rest of the Chaos Emeralds, all while Sonic and Mega Man themselves were tricked into fighting each other. Before long, the blue heroes caught on to the doctor's plans, but not long before their lackeys Metal Sonic and Bass had kidnapped Mega Man's creator and father (and Wily's former colleague) Dr. Light. The heroes ventured into the Skull Egg Zone to save and restore Sonic's roboticized friends and to rescue Dr. Light. With heroes from both worlds gathered, they proceeded to make their final assault on the Wily Egg, going up against a giant army of Dr. Wily's Time-Cloned Robot Master Army. The last of the Chaos Emeralds gathered, the doctors, their relationship considerably strained by this point, put into motion the final phase of their plan; to unleash the Super Genesis Wave and completely rewrite both worlds in their own respective image with no limitations. The wave launched, Sonic and Mega Man transformed into their super forms in their attempt to reverse the wave. Following Sonic's example, Mega Man successfully pulled off Chaos Control upon his reality, restoring it to its original place in the timeline. Sonic's attempt to restore the already extremely fragile fabric of his reality on the other hand, was disrupted by a spiteful Eggman, and their world was enveloped in a white light.

Act I: Deadly Fusion[]

In the world of Earth 21XX, the Maverick Hunters attack Sigma's latest fortress in an effort to finally finish off the Maverick leader, only for him to escape through a Genesis Portal to Mobius while Zero and Axl are battling Vile. X and his two teammates are aided in opening another portal by Silver the Hedgehog, who is on a mission to close the Genesis Portals and prevent their use by evil powers, and wind up in the Sonic Boom Zone. This leads to a surprising alliance with Sticks the Badger and her Team Sticks, with all six departing to continue the hunt for Sigma. Meanwhile, on Mobius, Dr. Eggman has enslaved the Deadly Six and taken over the Lost Hex, only for Sigma to destroy the Cacophonic Conch. Forced to convert his facilities into Sigma's new base and build Sigma a new body, Eggman is unexpectedly paired back up with Dr. Wily, who retains no memories of their previous alliance. The pair are then put to work building power-enhancing armor for the Deadly Six which is later used to put them under Sigma's mind control, as well as building the Unity Engines that Sigma intends to use to harness the power of entire worlds.

Secretly scheming to turn Sigma's plans to their advantage, Wily and Eggman suggest that he have Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog captured, and the Deadly Six are sent to accomplish the task. Brought to the Lost Hex, the pair are soon converted into the latest Roboticized Masters, M'egga Man and Sonic Man. They are respectively sent to Mobotropolis and Mega City to set up Unity Engines, while also secretly being programmed to attack and cure each other by Eggman and Wily, who have renewed their friendship and intend to have the heroes defeat Sigma for them. M'egga Man is engaged by the Royal Guard, the remaining Knothole Freedom Fighters, Knuckles the Echidna, and Gemerl, while Sonic Man faces the Mega City Police, the Light Robot Masters, reformed Wily's Robot Masters, Quake Woman, and Break Man. These heroes prove unable to stop the pair, and the Unity Engines are activated, causing the two worlds to start merging together. M'egga Man and Sonic Man are brought together as a result, and begin battling.

As a result of the planets merging, the Freedom Fighters and their allies are brought into contact with the Robot Masters, while the Maverick Hunters and Team Sticks arrive on the scene as well. The two Roboticized Masters cure each other, and Eggman and Wily flee with the Deadly Six in pursuit as Sigma recognizes their treachery. In the course of various elements of the two worlds being fused together, Xander Payne escapes from prison while Team Dark, Abraham Tower, and Amanda Tower apparently perish along with the G.U.N. vessel Letter of Gabriel and the occupants of a government building in Mega City. Mega Man and Sonic reunite, with Sonic bringing Mega Man up to speed on the events of Worlds Collide. The Freedom Fighters, Robot Masters, Team Sticks, Maverick Hunters, and their allies-including Roll-board the Sky Patrol to find and confront Sigma and undo the damage he has caused. Sigma, however, is unworried, as his base on the Lost Hex has enabled him to build or rebuild a number of Mechaniloids to serve as his army.

Act II: Broken Bonds[]

The heroes determine that the Unified World is breaking down as a result of the two planets being fused together. Meanwhile, Xander rescues Eggman and Wily from the Lost Hex and brings them to the Sky Patrol. After a brief imprisonment, they inform the heroes of Sigma's plans, and the Sky Patrol is redirected to the Lost Hex. Along the way, Roll is briefly attacked by Sticks, who believes that her broom is a spy due to its design. The heroes and their unlikely allies soon arrive at the Lost Hex, where they are forced to contend with the Deadly Six and Sigma's Mechaniloid army while Sigma Time-Clones an army of Mavericks. During the fight, Sticks falls through a Genesis Portal and ends up in the Street Fighter Zone, where she sets out to recruit some new allies. Back on the Sky Patrol, the heroes make headway against the villains, but the Zeti then use their powers to force the robot and cyborg heroes to attack their allies. This leads to a confrontation between Knuckles and Break Man, the latter of whom suggests that Knuckles sacrifice him to help stop their enemies, but Knuckles refuses.

Unable to fight without harming their allies, the Freedom Fighters are forced to retreat into the Sky Patrol's interior. Fortunately, Eggman and Wily have been working throughout the battle, and unleash their Egg-Wily Uppity Robot Scrambler Cannon. The device not only frees the manipulated robots, but also destroys the armor of the Deadly Six, who are then imprisoned aboard the Sky Patrol. Sigma then activates his latest body, a massive form that erupts from the Lost Hex and towers over the Sky Patrol and his enemies, while unleashing his Mavericks upon the heroes. Most of the Mavericks are then dispatched to various worlds to set up more Unity Engines, while a handful remain behind to destroy the heroes. Fortunately, Sticks then returns with Chun-Li and her friends to attack the leftover Mavericks. With that threat defeated, the heroes prepare to pursue Sigma's forces to the worlds they have invaded.

Act III: Allied Forces[]

Following the example of Sticks' excursion, the Unified Army recruit other heroes from different Sega and Capcom universes, including the Worlds of Alex Kidd, NiGHTS into Dreams..., Ōkami, Skies of Arcadia, Breath of Fire III, Billy Hatcher, Ghosts 'n Goblins, Golden Axe, Monster Hunter, Panzer Dragoon and Viewtiful Joe. Although Sigma destroys the Sky Patrol, all of the characters join together and launch a full-scale assault. When Sigma reemerges in an even stronger form, Sonic and Mega Man transform into Super Sonic and Super Armor Mega Man, as whom they destroy Sigma. However, it turns out that Sigma's abuse of the Genesis Portals has severely compromised the fabric of reality, causing it to fall apart. Meanwhile, Eggman and Wily, having infiltrated the Lost Hex, are betrayed by Xander, who opens a Genesis Portal to the moment where Sigma escaped to the Lost Hex and blasts him through the portal with a raygun, thus preventing the events of Worlds Unite from happening. Despite this, Sonic, Mega Man, Sticks, and the doctors retain their memories of the experience, and of each other.

Publication Dates[]

Like with Worlds Collide, the crossover is split into three acts each consisting of four parts. Unlike the previous crossover however it spans over four titles: the initial three involved in the first crossover, plus the Sonic Boom series. Preludes to the crossover also appear in the 2015 Free Comic Day issue.


Act I: Deadly Fusion[]

Act II: Broken Bonds[]

Act III: Allied Forces[]

Worlds Unite Battles[]

As well as the story running in the main issues, a new and exclusive sub-series titled "Worlds Unite Battles" was also released. This mini-series (a pair of one-shot issues) expand upon the various battles that readers catch glimpses of in the main story. The contents of the two books, while canon, aren't particularly vital to the overall plot.

Graphic Novels[]

Like its predecessor, the crossover was collected into graphic novel releases, one volume per act, as well as selected stories from the Worlds Unite Battles specials. However, due to Sega terminating their partnership with Archie Comics, these graphic novel releases were left incomplete, with only volumes 1 and 2 seeing release, while volume 3, intended for release in March 2017, was one of the many Archie Sonic publications that were cancelled.

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Worlds Unite Battles[]

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Background Information[]

  • This arc holds the record in the series for the largest series of interconnecting covers: twelve of the variant covers connect to make a giant 4x3 image.
  • This crossover actually marks the third time Sonic and Mega Man have appeared in something together. The first, of course, being Worlds Collide, while the second was in the game Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U.
    • Said game also included Ryu of the Street Fighter series, also in the crossover, who was added as a downloadable fighter, ironically, while the crossover was going on.
      • This also makes it the third time Ryu and Sonic have appeared in something together. The second being in the aforementioned game, and first being as cameos in the Disney animated movie Wreck-It Ralph.
  • This crossover bears the following similarities to the first:
    • The first and last act contained a landmark issue of Mega Man and Sonic respectively.
      • The Mega Man landmark was the final part of the first act.
      • The Sonic landmark was a 48-page issue which contained a reprint of a previous story and also sported a wraparound cover. It also contained a double-page spread of all the combatants of the final battle as one of the opening pages.
    • A Mega Man issue in the first act was released with a convention-exclusive variant cover.
    • The crossover was proceeded by a Sonic Universe landmark issue which heavily featured Metal Sonic.
    • Was accompanied by a "prequel" flip-book for that years Free Comic Book Day event.
    • Art duties for the first act are shared by two pencillers (though to a much greater degree than before).
    • A portion of the first act features "evil" versions of the two main heroes causing trouble in eachothers worlds.
    • The final part of the first act is the point where Sonic and Mega Man finally decide to team up.
    • The third act contains a visual gag in which a character is seen writing out their last will (both instances appeared in a Sonic issue).
    • Ends with Sonic and Mega Man entering their super forms for the final battle.
      • The cover art for that issue featured the two super-transformed heroes front and centre.

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