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Wolfie, with Wild Cat in Sonic Boom #5.

Wolfie is a Mobian Wolf from the Sonic Boom Zone.


Wolfie was among the villagers who went to Dr. Eggman’s Eggtoberfest carnival. When the rides would not work though, Wolfie joined an angry mob who made Eggman fix the problem. Regardless, Wolfie saw this as Eggman’s attempt to buy his trust, prompting Eggman to sic his army on the villagers, which Team Sonic stopped.


When properly motivated Wolfie can be a dedicated laborer, although he recognizes when he is in too deep. Wolfie is always someone who is not easily bought as he recognized Eggman’s attempt to buy his trust by putting on the Eggtoberfest, something he did not take kindly to.

Background Information[]


Wolfie in the series.

Wolfie first appeared in the pilot episode The Sidekick, and was voiced by Kirk Thornton.