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Wolf Pack Nation
Form of Government

Tribal Monarchy

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  • Southern Hemisphere
Allies and Enemies
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The Wolf Pack Nation is a new country formed by the united Wolf Pack and other tribes of Mobian Wolves. To the north it borders the Mysterious Cat Country, in Soumerca.



Following the First Robotnik War, the wolves found themselves scattered and their cities in Northamer's Great Unknown destroyed. With nowhere else to go, Lupe, a former pack leader, decided to relocate her people to their ancestral homeland, creating a new nation in which they could once again be united. The wolves then asked Lupe to become the nation's Grand Chief, which she accepted. While the wolves had not lived in the area for generations, their oral traditions tell of their past conflicts with the Felidae and the importance of a sacred relic known as the Ancient Onyx. (StH: #213)

Their conflict with the Felidae was renewed to a degree and after a number of clashes, a local chapter of the Dark Egg Legion made up of traitors and deserters from both cultures capitalized on it by stealing the Ancient Onyx. Sonic the Hedgehog, Sally Acorn, and Big the Cat were eventually able to convince the Wolves and Felidae to cooperate, bringing an uneasy peace between the two groups. It was also learned during the conflict that Wolves unaccounted for during the Nation's forming had become members of the new Legion chapter. Their peace was threatened again when the Death Egg Mark 2 arrived in the region and Chief Lupe was abducted by Mecha Sally. The Wolves blamed her disappearance on the Felidae, but fortunately the matter was resolved after Team Fighters arrived. In a surprising move, the Wolf Pack and the Felidae joined forces willingly to attack the Legion. (StH: #213, #24, #237, #238)

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