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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.

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Other names

Team Witchcarter


The Witchcarters are the brainwashed minions of Wendy Naugus, and thus in league with both her and Walter Naugus.


Tails of Early Adventures[]

The Witchcarters once aided Wendy Naugus in her conquest of an island. However, the group were defeated one by one by Tails, who had come to their island in search for Sonic, before the fox defeated Wendy as well. (VG: TSP)

Eggmanland Invasion[]

Sometime later, the Witchcarters later joined their wizard masters in an invasion of Eggmanland shortly after it became operational. The trio ambushed Eggman when he came to inspect the central energy collector, easily overpowering both him and Metal Sonic. Although Eggman himself escaped, they gained a new ally as their masters transformed Metal Sonic into "Crystal Sonic".

Their actions didn't go unnoticed, as soon called upon his Egg Bosses to reclaim the facility from the Naugus Twins and their minions. (StH: #276; SU: #83)

Soon, Mordred Hood and Conquering Storm were sent to take out the Witchcarters who quickly engaged them. After a fight, Mordred Hood used his vertigo-inducers on the trio, revealing that they'd been brainwashed for decades and were desperate for revenge. They willingly joined forces Egg Bosses in confronting their former masters, but Wendy easily took control of them again, forcing them to fight the Egg Bosses once again. Eventually, the Wictcharters joined Eggman's ranks when Wendy became an Egg Boss. (SU: #84, #85, #86)

Working for Eggman[]

The Witchcarters were soon assigned by Wendy to back up the Hooligans as they robbed the vaults of Castle Acorn to steal the Chaos Emeralds. The Witchcarters kept the palace gaurds at bay, and then prevented Gemerl from chasing after Metal. However, Cream, Cheese and Big soon came to Gemerl's rescue. Forcing the Witchcarters and Hooligans to flee. (StH: #283, #284, #285)

Background Information[]

  • The Witchcarters originate from the game Tails Skypatrol in which they appeared as bosses.
  • The Witchcarters seem fairly close in personality to some members of The Destructix:
    • Bearenger is Sergeant Simian without his morality code.
    • Falke Wulf is Flying Frog, although Flying Frog's strange talking schtick seems to be given to Carrotia.