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The Web of Fate and some interpreters upon it

The Web of Fate is an artifact in the possession of the Gossamer Clan, in the form of a large web deep within a cave. Woven by the clan's first Bride, it can be used to glean details about the future, but only if one knows how to read it. It can give indications of events to come, but it does not advise how exactly they should be dealt with; because of this and its interpretive nature, it is therefore not capable of telling the future in absolute terms. The Gossamer Clan believes it will eventually guide them to great prosperity. During negotiations with Sally Acorn and Monkey Khan, the Bride of the Endless Reach consulted the Web to determine whether or not the Clan should break away from the Iron Dominion. After a moment reading it, she concluded that prosperity was more difficult, but possible through the ways of peace and resolved to side with Khan. (SU: #13)

Among those considered "chosen" and gifted with the ability to read the Web are the Bride of the Endless Reach and Uma Arachnis. Arachnis was a particularly gifted Web reader and doing so lead her to leave the Dragon Kingdom on a mission to prevent the Source of All from falling into the hands of those who would misuse it- a mission that was only completed through the efforts of her children, the Arachne, after her passing. (SU: #13)