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War Walrus

The War Walrus attacks Sky Patrol.

The War Walrus was a Badnik Horde Commander created by Dr. Eggman to attack the Knothole Freedom Fighters' mobile base, the Sky Patrol. Created in the image of Rotor Walrus and armed with a giant wrench, it launched an attack under Eggman's control. However, it was summarily dispatched by the Sky Patrol's extensive arsenal, leading Eggman to begin plotting another assault using a Tails Doll. (StH: #265)

Background Information

  • The War Walrus is a robotic version of Rotor, making it similar to various Metal Series robots; however, it is not referred to as a member of that series. It is also the second known robot in the comics to be based on a Mobian who isn't from the games, the first being Metal Scourge.