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Current Continuity

You may be looking for the Dark Mobius version.
Walter Naugus
First Appearance

Sonic The Hedgehog #53

Biographical information


  • Wally
  • Nixus

Mobian Troll

Physical description


  • Fur: light brown
  • Hair: white
  • Eyes: red
  • Purple suit
  • Grey boots
  • Black cape
  • Grey gloves
  • Grey belt
  • Black wizard/witch hat
Political Alignment and Abilities
Notable Super Forms



Walter Naugus is a powerful magician who seeks to become the ruler of the Kingdom of Acorn. During his time as King Acorn's Royal Wizard, he was banished to the Special Zone along with the king and was trapped for years until he eventually managed to escape. After escaping from the zone, Naugus became an immediate enemy of Sonic the Hedgehog, who has regularly thwarted his plans to take over the Kingdom of Acorn. He has also maintained an antagonism with Dr. Eggman, who banished him to the Special Zone in the first place.


Early History

New Betrayal of Max and Naugus

Naugus and the King are betrayed.

Naugus served as royal wizard to King Acorn at the time when Princess Sally was a young child. However, his ambition led him to seek conqeust of the kingdom, and he formed an alliance with renegade G.U.N. scientists Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik and Dr. Julian Snively. The trio worked together in an effort to overthrow the kingdom by convincing the king that the United Federation intended to invade. Eggman's successes proved detrimental to his partner, as both Naugus and his former monarch were imprisoned in the Special Zone by the villainous doctor. He was eventually freed by Sonic the Hedgehog during his trek to retrieve the Chaos Emeralds, disguising himself as the King to fool the young hedgehog. He later teamed up with his twin sister Wendy and ambushed both Eggman and Sonic at the Egg Storm Chamber, and took them hostage, leaving Sonic's young friend Miles "Tails" Prower to rescue the pair. (FCDS: #8; SSD: #12; StH: #252, #288; SU: #83, #84)



Naugus gets trapped in a rift during the Genesis Wave.

Some time later, Eggman initiated the first ever Genesis Wave, which split the planet up into pocket zones, during which Walter was unfortunate to have been caught within one of the rifts between them. The Waves effects were soon reversed by Sonic, but the damage to the wizard had been done, and his time in the rift had somehow left him bereft of his powers. After his attempt to restore his powers through the gems at the Mystic Cave Zone proved futile, he was given no other choice but to seek help from his arch-nemesis, only for the Doctor to merely laugh in his face and have his Egg SWAT escort him out.


Walter assumes the appearance of King Nigel.

In retaliation, Walter helped himself to some of the Doctor's devices, and returned to Wendy for her guidance. The plan that th pair formulated saw Walter using the stolen technology to take on the form of King Nigel and supplant him, using his rulership as a means to finding a way to restore his powers. The King's daughter Sally Acorn grew suspicious of her fathers odd behavior, however, and sent Nicole the Holo-Lynx to investigate, forcing Naugus' hand. He used it to his advantage however, forcing the captive A.I. to construct a special power ring for him, but Mobotropolis was soon attacked by the transformed Tails Doll, sent by Eggman in revenge for stealing his tech which, to make matters worse for the wizard, was followed by the return of Sonic and Tails to the city. It was at this moment that Eggman, from within the Skull Egg Zone, unleashed the second Genesis Wave... (VG: SAd3; SU: #89, MM: #24)

From a readers perspective, this picks up from where the original pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity left off
Naugus is Restored

Walter Naugus experiences memories of the unaltered timeline.

Initially unaware that anything had just happened, Naugus grew more desperate as his enemies closed in, forcing him to physically threaten NICOLE to finish her work, but upon contact with her computer form, his mind was flooded with memories from an alternate timeline. Horrified, he fled the castle, running right past Sonic and Tails as he made his way out of the city. During the Shattered World Crisis that followed, he apparently obtained a shard of the Master Emerald that restored at least some of his powers, and joined forces with his twin sister Wendy Naugus and her Witchcarters, and the pair of Trolls proceeded to invade Eggman's new facility of Eggmanland. (StH: #251, #252, #276)

Eggman, accompanied by Metal Sonic, eventually arrived the scene to investigate the conquered Eggmanland. After a brief clash with the Witchcarters, the Naugus twins appeared on the scene and Walter revealed at by using Master Emerald Shards he was to restore some of his power. Soon both twins were able to subdue both Eggman and Metal Sonic, forcing Eggman to fee. The Naugus' occupation of Eggman's facility would not go unchallenged long, as he assembled his entire complement of Egg Bosses to retake Eggmanland. He is Later seen at the center of Eggmanland in front of the Dark Gaia energy refinery, believing it's energy belonged to Ixis. Only to be mocked and informed by his sister that it was of the Dark Gaia. But before he could use the energy to help restore his power he was interrupted by an ambush set up by Eggman and his Egg bosses. During the ensuing battle, Naugus sent Crystal Sonic (a crystallized Metal Sonic) to kill Eggman. But the doctor survived using his Hard-Light Armor, which he then used to beat Naugus into submission. Afterwards, Eggman prepared to kill Naugus with a powerful energy beam. However, Naugus used Crystal Sonic as a shield, blocking the blast and used the commotion as a distraction to flee. Naugus retreated to a hidden part of the Mystic Cave Zone where he curses Eggman's name and expresses angry towards Wendy, who became Eggman's newest Egg Boss. However, while his plans for Eggmanland failed, Naugus knew of other ways to restore his power as he began draining energy from a large gem resembling the Master Emerald. (SU: #83, #85, #86)


Naugus as "Nixus the Echidna".

Eventually, Naugus' location was discovered by Knuckles, Amy, and Team Dark who were all on the hunt for the alien Eclipse and the remaining Master Emerald Shards. Naugus hid in the shadows and quickly formed a plan after overhearing Rouge mention that Knuckles was the last of his kind. Naugus followed Omega and asked if he was affiliated with Eggman, to which Omega aggressively denied before Naugus crystallized him. Under his control, Walter commanded Omega to seek and destroy Rouge and Amy while he went after Knuckles and Shadow. Naugus then assumed the form of an echidna and confronted the pair, calming his name was Nixus and that he was also searching for the emerald shards so he can get to Angel Island. Knuckles was thrilled to met another echidna while Shadow questioned the convenience of his arrival and situation. Rouge then contacted Shadow and told him that she and Amy were under attack and needed assistance. However "Nixus" didn't want to risk damaging the shards by going into combat. Knuckles agreed with Nixus and decided to go with him to a safe location to restore the Master Emerald while Shadow goes to help the others. However, Upon arriving in an empty chamber, Nixus double-crossed Knuckles, took his shards and crystallized the echidna. Nixus then revealed himself as Naugus and tried to assemble the Master Emerald but to no avail. He then came up with the idea of controlling Knuckles' mind so that the latter could tell him how to fix the Master Emerald. Instead, Knuckles broke out of the crystals he was trapped in and proceeded to attack Naugus. The wizard quickly reminded Knuckles that his comrades were still in danger which momentarily distracted the echidna and allowed Naugus to knock him out of the chamber. Walter then quickly sealed the entrance with crystals and started to hastily assemble the Master Emerald himself, as his foes fought Crystal Omega. (SU: #87, #88)

As the emerald slowly began to take shape, Naugus thought back to the numerous times he's faced set backs and how his attempts to regain his full powers with technology only made him suffer. Eventually, Naugus succeeds in repairing the Master Emerald and immediately uses it's power to fully replenish his own. By the time Knuckles and his allies restored Omega to normal and break into the chamber, Naugus had seemingly regained all of his magical power, which was now further enhanced by the Master Emerald. Walter then proceeds to crystallize all his foes in a single energy blast, before using the emerald's power to contact his sister to gloat about about his victory. However, he was disgusted to find out that Wendy has joined the Eggman Empire and branded her a traitor before cutting the transmission.


Naugus imprisoned.

Not letting the news about Wendy dampen his high spirits, Walter took the Master Emerald and a crystallized Amy Rose three hundred feet below the secret chamber toward a Teleporter leading out of the caves. Naugus planned to come back for the others and turn them all into his own vanguard to use against his enemies. Unfortunately for Walter, Knuckles and Team Dark broke free from their imprisonment and caught up with the wizard before he could leave. Naugus tried to grab the Master Emerald but was knocked back by Shadow, while Knuckles frees Amy, who then stops Naugus from crystallizing Omega again. In an effort to save himself from Amy's wrath, Walter changes into Sonic with the assumption that she wouldn't hurt the person she loves. But Amy unimpressed by his attempt and lets Knuckles and Shadow beat on him instead. Without the Master Emerald to enchant his magic, Naugus was soon defeated and later incarcerated by G.U.N. for his crimes. (SU: #89, #90)



Naugus using his powers to shapeshift.

Naugus possesses Crystalmancy, which allows him to encase his opponents in crystal and control any crystallized robots within range. Walter can also shapeshift and control the minds of anyone with a weak will or weak mind. (SU: #85)


Naugus is arrogant and power-hungry, and willing to go to great lengths to obtain what he wants. He despises those who betray him and will seek revenge on any who do. He also dislikes being called "Wally," though the reason behind this is unknown.



Naugus' original appearance.

Walter Naugus appears as a tall, gruesome troll with bat-like ears, a horn emerging from his forehead, a long white beard, a gloved lobster-like claw in place of a left hand, and a thick tail. Originally, he wore a purple suit with a long black cape, glove on his right hand, belt, and boots. He later adopted a new wardrobe that included a purple tunic, purple pants, gray gloves and boots, a cape, and a stereotypical wizard/witch hat with a large brim and a point that falls to one side.

Background information

  • Naugus is one of four SatAM characters to have their names added to/changed since the Worlds Collide crossover. The other three characters are Muttski - now Ben "The Mutt" Muttski, Snively Robotnik - now Julian Snively, and King Maximillian Acorn - now King Nigel Acorn.
  • Naugus' new name of "Walter" and disdained nickname "Wally" are intended to be alliterative with relatives of Naugus' in the new reality, which was later revealed to be Wendy. The name is not intended to be a tribute to the late Walter "Wally" Marsh, an actor who provided additional voices for Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Furthermore, there was no intended connection between Naugus' new identity and Walter "Wally" West, one of the many characters to adopt the DC Comics superhero identity of the Flash; many fans believed this due to the Flash's heavy involvement in DC's "The New 52" and the Sonic reboot beginning with issue #252.
  • Naugus was one of several characters featured in a "classic cartoon" depiction art gallery in Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 11, in which he was depicted in black and white as a magician with a wand and top hat.
  • Whereas the original continuity featured Naugus as a hideous amalgamation of three different Mobians, the new continuity explains his appearance as being part of the Troll race. This was hinted at in SU #70, and later confirmed by Ian Flynn. Flynn also revealed that, contrary to what was previously believed, the term "Ixis" was applied to Naugus in the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon production materials, and not invented by Ken Penders. As such, it is still useable by the comics, which as of Sonic Universe #85, it has now been.
  • Unlike in the original continuity, Naugus now has a tail. This was an aspect carried from how he appeared in the SatAM cartoon, a design trait that was initially discarded for his comic debut for unknown reasons.
    • Also unlike the original, Walter does not speak with the same medieval english as Ixis did. Instead, he speaks normally.

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