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The subject of this article appeared before and after the Super Genesis Wave.
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Valentine's Day is a holiday celebrated on Earth in the Sonic X Zone.

On this day, individuals do things to show their love for one another, most commonly by couples in a romantic relationship. This affection can be desplayed in a number of ways, such as by exchanging gifts or going out to partake in an activity together.

Sonic the Hedgehog took Amy Rose out on a Valentine's date after losing a bet to Knuckles. However their date ended up being more eventful than expected when Dr. Eggman launched a series of attacks on the couple to ruin their night, only for Sonic to deal with each onslaught without Amy even noticing. (SX: #16)

Background Information[]

  • The digital exclusive compilation Sonic: Love Stinks was released to coincide with Valentine's Day.
  • The holiday is also celebrated in the Mega Man universe, as shown in issue 22 of its comic series.