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While currently on hold indefinitely, former head writer Ian Flynn has written "Lost Hedgehog Tales" - a set of documents that discuss how the storylines of the Archie Sonic comics would have played out in both the Pre- and Post-Reboot continuities had they continued.

Pre-Super Genesis Wave[]

Originally, the Nocturnus Clan was supposed to make its canon debut in the comics in issue #191's backup story.[1] The story was to take place in Archie canon (featuring Julie-Su, Mighty and Vector along with Knuckles, Shade and two Nocturnus Clan soldiers), but Sega changed plans after it was penciled and inked, requiring the story in its entirety to be re-done in the non-canon adaption that would later be printed in #191 taking place in an alternate reality. Ian stated at the time that there was a small possibility the original story would be completed and officially printed, but due to the Ken Penders lawsuit and settlement prohibiting the use of Julie-Su and possibly even the Nocturnus themselves (as Penders then intended to sue Sega and EA over Sonic Chronicles), it was extremely unlikely that it would ever see print, which was later confirmed by him that the Nocturnus Clan are officially off-limits for future use for the aforementioned reason. [2]

Had the Super Genesis Wave not been used to abruptly reboot the comics:

  • Metal Shadow would have existed in some form. Tracey Yardley revealed that he had created a Metal Shadow for Archie's Complete Sonic Comic Encyclopedia, but this was not in the final release. [3]
  • Bunnie Rabbot would have been Legionized.
    • Tracy Yardley revealed on Flynn's blog several concept sketches for Bunnie showing off designs for her new robot limbs. Bunnie's silhouetted cameo at the end of SU#49 hinted towards this new design, it was revealed she was wearing a poncho to obscure her not-yet-finalized design. Several elements of her new organic body were later adapted for her design in the rebooted post-Super Genesis Wave timeline. [4]
  • Dr. Finitevus would have been a "key player" in the lead-up to #275.
  • Sally would have been de-Roboticized.
  • Espio's reveal that there were others like Monkey Khan himself in SU#16 was meant to lead to the reveal that Ken was the first of twelve Khans, with him being the first successful attempt and Robotnik continuing the procedure with various subjects, and Jun Kun planned to eventually be revealed to be the Ox Khan, with Regina able to manipulate him using technomancy.[1]. While it didn't get far, there were ideas of Ken looking for vaults and helping the other Khans master their powers without going through the same troubles he did, while Jun Kun and Iron Queen or other villainous forces would look for the Khans to use them as living weapons. [5] One idea for one of the khans was a sheep themed around the wind element who would have used a giant fan in contrast to Monkey Khan's staff. However, none of the Khan material had been officially approved before the comic's reboot. [6]
  • Fiona would eventually realize how toxic and an anchor Scourge was to her and would break off on her own, no longer clinging to others and becoming her own "manipulative self-serving rock", with her possibly taking over the Destructix once again. [7]
  • Anti-Shadow would have appeared, Anti-Gerald would have been a warmonger who had a change of heart, with Anti-Shadow being made as the ultimate weapon but changed at the last second to be good. Anti-Maria would have been evil and an awful influence on Anti-Shadow.[2]
  • Anti-Silver ("Sterling") would have appeared, who would have an appearance based on Silver's old Venice the Mink design.[3]

Post-Super Genesis Wave[]

As a result of this cancellation the following issues went unpublished (though unreleased, plot synopsis, artwork as well as some unfinalized pages for these issues were revealed before the cancellation):

Other information:

  • Clove and Cassia: the pronghorn sisters were orphans and were members of a nomadic society comparable to the Bedouins. Their mother would have been named Piper, and their father Sage. Piper was a councilwoman in this community until she died of ill health. When Cassia started to develop a similar illness, their father left to find help for a cure and never returned. When the truth about Cassia’s condition would have been revealed to her, Cassia would enter denial about her well-being and would have bitterly taken off on her own. She would eventually come into contact with a “compassionate force” (either Freedom Fighters or G.U.N.) and get some development of her own while receiving treatment. Clove, meanwhile, would believe that her sister died out in the wilderness and lose all hope, only to learn the truth later during a Rotor-focused storyline.
  • The relationships between Sally, Bunnie, Lupe, and Cassia would have been further explored. Sally's fondness for Nicole would also have been further fleshed-out.[4]
  • The next story following The Silver Age would involve the group getting split up while falling through the Genesis Portal. Silver would find himself in Sonic's present as seen in previous issues, as well as going on some other adventures where he’d get to know Sonic’s crew and gain an appreciation for the world of the past, motivating him to improve the future. Gold, Schlemmer, and the Bits meanwhile would wind up in the Digital World, slowly being permanently digitized. Nicole would mistake them as a dangerous virus and seek to eliminate them, with Rotor and Silver's help, though the latter would manage to save them. The long-term plan was for Silver's group to continue exploring time and space via the Genesis portals, akin to Quantum Leap or Doctor Who as they hoped to return to Onyx City to help, helping where they can and learning more about how Onyx City came to be and who is pulling the strings there, eventually returning with more knowledge and experience operating as a team. [8][9]



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