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United Federation
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #106

Form of Government

Federal Constitutional Republic

  • Unknown
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The United Federation is a Human government known to occupy a large area of the planet. It is allied with the Kingdom of Acorn in the fight against the Eggman Empire, and employs its military forces in an effort to see the mutual threat defeated.


Unhappy Neighbors

The United Federation was an early victim of Dr. Eggman's bid for world domination, as the renegade G.U.N. scientist convinced King Acorn that they intended to invade the Kingdom of Acorn, a nation that already had a questionable history with the Federation and its military. To reward the doctor for his efforts, the King gave him complete access to the kingdom's lands and resources, allowing Eggman to seize control of Westside Island and other territories of the kingdom. He would eventually set his sights on conquering his former homeland. (SSD: #12, SU: #87)

Shattered World Crisis

The Federation was among the many nations rocked by the Shattered World Crisis, but fortunately had G.U.N. in position to help those affected through Operation: Triage. Unfortunately its troubles were far from over, as the planet's fragmentation left the Federation and its allies with strained resources, which allowed the Eggman Empire's Egg Army Units to seize additional territory. (StH: #257, #266; SU: #59)


The United Federation maintains a large territory, with its capital being Central City. But Station Square and various cities such as Soleanna, Westopolis, and Apotos existing within its boundaries. The region is home to a considerable number of Mobian Races in addition to humans.

Political Structure

Each city within the United Federation acts as its own independent country, and represents a different style of self-government. Each leader represents their city-state and serves on the President's Council. (SSSM #2)

Background Information

  • The UF flag is actually not new, as you can slightly see it the Shadow the Hedgehog game at the front and in office of the President's House. [1]