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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.

Ugly Naugus.

"Ugly Naugus" is a super form of Ixis Naugus generated by a large collection of Power Rings created by Nate Morgan. When Ixis Naugus raided Nate Morgan's secret tundra lab, he, as well as Sonic and Tails were infused with energies from a large cache of super magic rings. Ugly Naugus battled Ultra Sonic and Hyper Tails, but even the powered-up heroic duo were unable to stop him. He attempted to use his new form to have the Zone of Silence replace all of reality, but was ultimately defeated when he tried to finish Nate Morgan, only to discover that Nate had a Power Ring built into his glasses. With a wish upon his personal trinket, the diminutive Overlander blasted Ugly Naugus through the portal he created to the Zone of Silence, defeating him for the time being. (StH: #65, #66)


In his brief appearance as Ugly Naugus, the evil wizard's magical abilities increased dramatically. He was able to generate a variety of powerful elemental spells against his opponents, as well as more generic blasts of energy. The Power Ring-based transformation also enabled Naugus to fly in his normal form, without shifting into an elemental being. Most threatening of all, however, Ugly Naugus' enhanced power allowed him to open a portal to the Zone of Silence, in order to merge his personal dimension with reality itself to become omnipotent.

Incidentally, Ugly Naugus' transformation seemed to last longer than those of Ultra Sonic or Hyper Tails. It is unknown if Naugus absorbed more Power Rings than the heroes, if the portal to the Zone of Silence bolstered the duration of his superpowered state, or if other factors were involved.

Background Information[]

  • Ugly Naugus' name was not given in his initial appearance, and so he was dubbed Ultra Naugus by fans. The form was eventually named "Ugly Naugus" in the Encyclopedia. The name in the book was written with quotation marks, however, so it may be that the form doesn't have any "official" name.