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Form of Group and Statistics
  • Mobian race

Trolls were part of an ancient race of Mobians known to have founded the Second Great Civilization and to be famous for their mastery of crystals. They are apparently quite grotesque in appearance and have large pointy ears, claws, and long tails. Relic the Pika studied and was fascinated by their civilization prior to taking up residence on Angel Island. At least some of them were proficient in magic, including the only known modern members of the species, Wendy and Walter Naugus. (SU: #70; StH: #276)

In ancient times, the Trolls mostly resided in a land called Pancardina, though their culture was felt worldwide, bringing about a new age of prosperity and order with their cystalline magic. They mined crystals that increased their magical powers, with one of said mines-the Hidden Palace Zone on Westside Island-still known to exist even in the modern day. The Trolls era was ended by a catastrophic event that blasted Pancardina into a series of islands, with the Trolls being all but wiped out overnight. (SU: #88)

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