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Trey Scales

Trey Scales was a private agent snake in the Royal Army and later a member of the Original Freedom Fighters.


Original Traitor

Trey was amongst those assembled by Tig Stripe to form the first group of Freedom Fighters. Unlike his noble teammates, Trey was ambitious and willing to betray his friends to improve his lifestyle. While the other Original Freedom Fighters seem to have been part of the main Royal Army, Trey's customary hat bore the emblem of the Southern Baronies Militia, a region that resented the rule of the House of Acorn. Perhaps because of this loyalty, Trey double-crossed the rest of the Original Freedom Fighters, who were loyal to the Acorn line, and lured them into a trap after cutting a deal with Dr. Ivo Robotnik. In response to inquiry of why he would betray his friends, he responded "I'm a snake; it's totally in my nature." However, Trey proved that cheaters never prosper, as he was also roboticized and sent into the Zone of Silence along with the others. He and his comrades later perished when Feist reshaped their prison into the Special Zone, erasing everything that had previously existed in it besides himself. (StH: #142, #143, CSE)

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