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The Tornado is a two-seated, vintage-style biplane used by the Knothole Freedom Fighters. It is typically piloted by Tails, with Sonic or others walking on its wings. The plane is owned by Sonic himself, and as such he has also been seen to be the pilot at times.


First Mission[]

The Tornado was originally built as a replacement for Winged Victory, which had been stolen by Kodos. Built by Tails and Nate Morgan and powered by what was left of a Super Emerald, it was flown by Sonic and Tails as part of a mission to Station Square. When Chaos attacked, Sonic and Tails used the plane to track it down. Eventually, they used it to reach the Egg Carrier. When Tails flew himself and Amy Rose back to Station Square, he left the Tornado behind so that Sonic would have a way off himself. Unfortunately, Knuckles ended up flying Sonic to safety when they saw that Big the Cat and Froggy had taken the Tornado. And crashed it. By the time Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles found what was left of the Tornado, Chaos found it and took the Super Emerald. (StH: #80, #83, SSS: #13)

Later Missions[]

It was later rebuilt, and used by Tails to investigate a cave that had been haunting his dreams. Sonic, following Tails, discovered that Tails had been replaced with a doppleganger by Mammoth Mogul. (StH: #114)

It would also be used in an attempt to stop a giant Caterkiller and an Über-Bot and an attempt to stop Dr. Eggman from launching nuclear missiles (during which it was temporarily hijacked by A.D.A.M. when Tails attempted to hack Eggman's network). A nanite version of the plane was also used during a rush mission to locate Knuckles during the return of Enerjak. (StH: #119, #120, #131, #132, #133, #181, #182)

New Model[]

A while later, a new model, built by Tails, was made and the nanites used for the other model were recycled. Tails built it himself since he could hardly call himself a mechanic if he let NICOLE do all the building for him. Tails, Sonic and Sally later used the plane to escape New Mobotropolis after it had been taken over by the Iron Dominion. After learning about the Iron Dominion's forces, Tails, Sonic, and Sally used the plane once again to go to the Dragon Kingdom with Monkey Khan riding his cloud beside it. They also used the plane to return home and defeat the dominion after convincing each of it's clans to break away. (StH: #208, #209, #210, #211, SU: #13, #16)

After the dominion's defeat, Sonic and Sally used the plane to see the Wolf Pack after being invited to become honorary members. It was also used in the battle against the Death Egg Mark 2 where Tails shot the patch on it from the previous invasion (since it was previously the EggDome) and dropped off Sonic and Sally to enter the large flying fortress. (StH: #213, #225)

Genesis and Aftermath[]

When Dr. Eggman reset the world with Operation: Clean Sweep, Tails was seen working on the Tornado in Emerald Hill Zone. Tails later used it to take Sonic to Metropolis Zone, which was where Dr. Eggman was located, and Sonic leapt into a nearby building to confront the madman. Tails continued flying above to keep in contact with Sonic via radio. After Metropolis Zone's local power supplies were cut thanks to the efforts of the Freedom Fighters, Dr. Eggman fled, and Sonic gave chase. Tails used the Tornado to aid in his chase, and Sonic jumped onto a shuttle that Dr. Eggman had used to reach the Death Egg. (StH: #228, #229)

After Operation: Clean Sweep ended and the world returned to normal, Tails used the Tornado to catch Sonic from his fall from the Death Egg at the hands of Mecha Sally. Sonic told Tails to take him back, but their return was interrupted when the Egg Annihilator Beam fired from the Death Egg and clipped both the Tornado and Freedom Fighter Special. Sonic and Tails had no choice but to abandon the Tornado. (StH: #231)


The Tornado closes in on the Battle Bird Armada.

The Tornado was then repaired by NICOLE in order to intercept the Battle Bird Armada as they approached New Mobotropolis the following day. Tails once again took to the skies in the biplane with Sonic, Amy, and Rotor, but Sonic left them to fight the Armada themselves while he went after the Babylon Rogues. After shooting his way through waves of hover pods, Tails prepared to land the plane on the Battle Fortress' flight deck where Grand Battle Kukku XV was pummeling Ixis Naugus. Instead, Speedy pulled Tails out of his seat, and the Tornado went spiraling downward without a pilot and crashed. (SU: #35)

Though subsequently repaired, the Tornado was again destroyed when Mecha Sally sheered through the wing while attempting to assassinated Elias and his family. The aircraft was later repaired in time for Team Fighters to successfully defend Furville from an attack by Eggman Empire, before pursuing the Death Egg Mark 2 to Shazamazon. It continued to serve as Team Fighters' transport as they continued to pursue the Death Egg, stopping briefly in Feral Forest. It later became engaged in a series of battles against flying Egg Swats, a new Titan Metal Sonic-possessed by the Krudzu Hybrid Hydra-and more Egg Swats riding Turtloids, all of which it emerged victorious from. Sadly, the Tornado was damaged while flying over Albion due to an attack by Metal Knuckles, and was forced to make an emergency landing in the city. Fortunately, it was repaired due to the efforts of Team Fighters and their new ally Shard the Metal Sonic, who also fitted it with a tracking device to enable the Secret Freedom Fighters to locate Team Fighters. The plane then set course for its next destination in the pursuit of the Death Egg: the Northern Tundra. (StH: #234, #235, #236, #237, #238, #239, #241, #242, #243, #244, #246)


While not as fast, or as powerful as a Freedom Fighter Special, it is more

The Tornado in the OVA.

The Tornado in the OVA.

manuverable, and can fit in places that the Freedom Fighter Special can't go. Additionaly, despite its size, the Tornado can come with a highly advanced computer for use in analyzing targets, and hacking into enemy networks. When extra maneuverability and speed are needed, the Tornado can alter its wings into an X-shape. However, that ability was only used once due to a serious drawback: as Sonic unfortunately guessed, "There's no landing gear in this mode," and that blunder led to a painful landing.

The Tornado is equipped with homing missiles and blasters, and has a powerful engine that allows it to compete with G.U.N. planes. (CSE

Background Information[]

  • The Tornado is usually colored blue. However, in StH #80#83, the first half of SSS #13, and StH #114, the plane was colored red.
  • While Tails is a good pilot, he must make frequent repairs to the Tornado.