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Biographical information
  • Human
Physical description
  • Female
  • Skin: Peach
  • Hair: Sandy brown
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Green government uniform
  • Blue government uniform
  • Blue combat
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Military expertise
  • Piloting skills

Topaz is a Human federal agent for the Guardian Units of the Nation under Captain Westwood and friend and partner of Rouge the Bat in the Sonic X Zone. Their missions usually involve locating Dr. Eggman or elements from Rouge's world such as the Chaos Emeralds. To achieve victory, they usually work with Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends due to their special abilities. While working with Rouge, Topaz has been sent to the bottom of the ocean to find a possible Chaos Emerald location, been used to power one of Eggman's robots, travelled to France to locate Eggman, and been sent to hunt down Rouge herself when a robot duplicate made by Eggman was posing as her.


Ocean Adventure

Topaz and Rouge fighting a Dragonbot.

A week after Sonic the Hedgehog thwarted a bank robbery by Dr. Eggman, Topaz and Rouge accompanied the President to the Thorndyke Estate for a mission involving him. The day afterward, they were taken out to the middle of the Sapphire Sea by a navy ship and dived into it with scuba gear so they could explore the lost ship of Captain Seamus "Red-Eye" Macguffin to see if a Chaos Emerald was in it due to the energy signal emanating from it. They soon found the ship and went inside where a treasure chest was located, but just as Rouge reached out to open it, a shark ripped through the floor and attacked them. The ghost of Captain Red-Eye handed Topaz a candelabrum to fight the creature, though it seemed to do no damage. Then, just as it seemed the shark had Topaz cornered and was going to eat her, it opened its mouth to reveal a set of broken teeth from where it bit the candelabrum. They found the treasure chest again, but this time, Dr. Eggman's Dragonbots showed up and attacked them, and Topaz was trapped under debris. Luckily, she was given time to free herself thanks to Knuckles the Echidna's assault, and Topaz was beginning to see what Rouge saw in him. With the aid of Captain Red-Eye, the Dragonbots were stopped and the group returned to the ship with the chest, which they opened up and found nothing but sea shells inside. (SX: #1, #2)

Human Battery

Topaz trapped in a robot fighting Rouge and Tails.

Soon after this, Dr. Eggman put his next scheme into action: Using robots powered by Sonic's human friends so he couldn't harm them. Topaz was among the list of people and was given a gift in the form of a new computer she thought was from Rouge, but was actually a device that would trap her in a robotic body. Once she'd become a power source, the robot she was trapped within went to the Station Square Space Museum where Sonic and his friends where with all the other humans trapped in robot bodies. Luckily, Rouge had seen what had happened to Topaz and came into the museum and told Sonic what had happened to their friends. Topaz soon became embroiled with Rouge and Tails in a battle, and Rouge continuously tried to snap her out of it, but it was in vain. Once Tails and Rouge managed to escape her, the group of four were joined by Knuckles with Cream the Rabbit and Chuck Thorndyke on the X-Tornado, evening out the odds against the five human-powered robots. Rouge took on Topaz again and the latter used her mechanical arms to almost choke Rouge, but Sonic managed to subdue her in the nick of time. Tails then grabbed the remote controlling the robots from Eggman and handed it to Sonic who smashed it, freeing Topaz and the others. (SX: #3, #4)

The Paris Predicament

Topaz and Rouge were then given a new mission by the President after two sewer workers had discovered a hidden room underground with technology decades old, yet similar to that used by Eggman. Upon arriving at the mysterious room, Rouge began investigating while Topaz fruitlessly attempted to access an old computer. Rouge soon discovered a set of foot prints, commenting that whoever had been there had smaller feet than Topaz (which was nothing remarkable). Unknown to them, they were secretly being watched by a strange robot (later to be named Emerl). Rouge and Topaz almost discovered it, but Emerl moved from his position with amazing speed and they didn't see him, only felt a breeze. They were then contacted by Agent Cheung to return to Guardian Headquarters by order of the President for a new mission and that the area would be sealed off until they returned. They left the room in charge of Officer Albright (with a new accent) along with another officer. They boarded a helicopter, and Emerl sneaked aboard using his speed. Upon returning, the President informed them their mission was originally for Captain Westwood, but that he was nowhere to be found and was handing it to them instead. He informed them Dr. Eggman had been spotten in Paris, France and they were to locate and arrest him. So they took the helicopter all the way to Paris, with Emerl still on board. (SX: #7)

Topaz and Rouge looking for Eggman.

They arrived and began searching for Eggman at the World's Fair being held in Paris, but failed to spot him, since he and his cronies had successfully managed to blend in with the locals. All the time, Emerl was following them. Soon enough, Topaz felt that Eggman wasn't at the fair, and reported seeing no sign of Eggman to Captain Westwood. The captain, eager to get back at them for upstaging him, ordered them to return to Washington. Topaz was surprised at this, and Rouge thought something fishy about it since G.U.N.'s intel was almost always accurate. Rouge took advantage of a slight loophole, saying that they shouldn't return until tomorrow when Nelson Thorndyke was revealing his new space shuttle, which was obviously Eggman's target. The next day, Topaz and Rouge scouted out the fair and Eggman made his move just as Emerl was about to reveal himself to the two G.U.N. agents. All the attractions at the World's Fair had been rigged to transform into robots by Decoe, Bocoe and Bokkun to provide a distraction, and when Eggman pushed the activation button, Topaz and Rouge raced into action. After Rouge knocked over a giant robot mime that had picked up a police car, Topaz pushed another officer out of the way before the robot fell on him. Before she was smashed, Emerl rushed to save her, and Topaz thought it must have been Sonic. Topaz and Rouge then met up with Tails and Amy Rose and quickly spotted Eggman being chased into the Hall of Mirrors by Big the Cat. While inside, Eggman transformed the Scrambler ride and made it grow to great proportions, making it look like a giant spider. It crashed through the roof and Rouge flew her and Topaz out of harm's way, commenting that Topaz needed to lose weight. They fell through the floor into Paris's old sewer, where they met with Chris, Mr. Tanaka and Big. They all yelled for help and Sonic burrowed through the rubble, allowing Tails and Amy to help them while he dealed with the Scrambler with unknowing help from Emerl. Rouge flew Topaz out of the sewer and the latter then watched as Sonic fought the Scrambler before running out of the building. After it had been defeated, everybody then heard the sound of a rocket engine and watched as Eggman got away with the space shuttle. Topaz then gave a report to Captain Westwood while still in Paris, and he boasted that the President would be disappointed in them and that he had found some blueprints in the base they'd search, and told the two agents they would discuss them violating a direct order on their return. (SX: #8, #9)

When they did return to Washington, Topaz took the full brunt of what Westwood had to dish out. He stated that if they hadn't failed their mission and stopped the Doctor, Eggman wouldn't have been able to get to Space Colony ARK. Topaz countered that the captain had ordered them to return to Washington and if they had gone back they wouldn't have been able to save the dozens of lives that they had. Westwood then said he was aware of this, and that the President of France had called their President to commend their actions personally, and that it was the only reason the two of them hadn't been court-martialled. Westwood then got in her face and said that he didn't like Topaz or Rouge, seeing as the latter came from the same world as Eggman and was an admitted thief. He then dismissed her with a warning that he would be keeping a close eye on her and her partner and a seething Topaz went back to her office to warn Rouge about the incident. (SX: #10)

The Rogue Rouge Robot

Topaz and her allies see the Rouge duplicate.

A while later, Rouge had apparently gone back to her old ways of thievery after security footage showed her robbing the Station Square Space Museum of its unique Moon Emerald. This matter was brought forward by Captain Westwood who showed the most incriminating evidence. Topaz fruitlessly attempted to convince the President Rouge was innocent, but he ordered Topaz and Westwood to take Rouge into custody immediately. But when Topaz and Westwood went to the former's office, Rouge was nowhere to be seen, further implying she had indeed returned to her criminal career. The next day, Sonic the Hedgehog visited Topaz to try and see if he could help prove Rouge's innocence, but then Knuckles the Echidna came crashing through the window demanding to see Rouge, who had stolen the Master Emerald from him after being knocked out cold. Captain Westwood overheard all this, and it only furthered his belief that Rouge was a criminal again. Sonic suggested they lure Rouge out to help prove her innocence, and Westwood agreed, but with different intentions. So, a week later, Westwood had a giant cubic zirconium put on display at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, pretending it was the world's largest ever Chaos Emerald. On the night it was announced to be on show, Topaz accompanied Westwood, Sonic and Knuckles on stakeout duty, quickly starting a row with her superior over Rouge's innocence and intelligence, saying she wouldn't fall for the trap. The trio then noticed that their fourth (Knuckles) was gone, and saw him fighting in the sky. After Rouge and Knuckles landed on Sonic, Westwood fired a net on all of them, despite Topaz's protests. Topaz was livid at her animal friends being captured, but held her tongue. Rouge then escaped the net using her laser lipstick, and Knuckles attacked her so they both went flying through the Smithsonian's wall. Then the one who had been pretending to be Rouge showed itself, which was actually a robot created by Eggman. Topaz and Westwood watched as the three animals fought the robot Rouge and Westwood captured it and Sonic once he had a clear shot. Then Eggman himself showed up in a robot and crashed through the roof, snatching the fake emerald. Topaz and Westwood then watched as Rouge pulled the net off of Sonic and her robot duplicate and Sonic and Knuckles fighting the robot controlled by Eggman. Once Rouge had defeated the robot imposter and Sonic and Knuckles had disabled the robot Eggman was controlling (that was powered by the Moon Emerald and Master Emerald), Topaz gave a full report with Sonic to the President and watched as Rouge was reinstated to the Guardian Units of the Nations. (SX: #18)

Later Activities

Topaz comforting Rouge after seeing Shadow wasn't with her.

After the arrival and just as instantaneous leave of the Shadow the Hedgehog of Mobius Prime, Topaz comforted Rouge who had hidden feelings of regret at not seeing her friend again. Topaz and the rest of the gang then stood around as Sonic and Chris Thorndyke looked on happily to their next adventure. (SX: #40)


Topaz is a business-type woman who delights at being praised, but is also the first to get her mind back on the job, and also feels vulnerable without her spy equipment on hand. She is good friends with Rouge, and has stood by her side even at the worst of times, and on one occasion, openly supported her with screams of "Go Rouge!" when she ought to have been acting professionally. She might also like square dancing since she was quoting "swing your partner" while fighting Tails and Rouge while inside one of Eggman's human-powered robots.

Background Information

  • Topaz was likely given her name because topaz is

    Topaz in the anime.

    a gem and was was partnered with Rouge, a jewel-stealing bat. Neither the anime nor the comic series her full name or which portion of it Topaz was.
  • In the Sonic X animated series, Topaz entered into a romantic relationship with Mr. Tanaka. Also, she was voiced by Kayzie Rogers.
  • The Post-Super Genesis Wave Timeline of Mobius later introduced an agent of G.U.N. named Madonna Garnet, who is thought by many to be a composite of the scrapped Sonic the Hedgehog character Madonna and Topaz.


Topaz is a human woman with peach-coloured skin, a slim figure, blue eyes and sandy brown hair, often seen wearing earrings and lipstick. In regards to clothing, Topaz is notable for wearing different attire more often than most characters. Usually it is a smart blue or green government uniform or dark blue combat suit, but has been seen wearing a purple shirt with navy skirt and a more casual outfit consisting of blue pants, a light blue shirt and a black jacket. Her robot design was two shades of light blue and grey with a large mouth, helmet with a tinted visor, black belt, twin holsters with no guns and extendable arms resembling coils.

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