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Time Stones

The seven Time Stones.

The Time Stones are seven hexagonal artifacts hosted by Little Planet. Their colors are blue, green, cyan, orange, purple, yellow, and red. Possessing one allows the user to move to almost any point in time at will using Chronos Control. Collecting all seven is rumored to grant the power to reshape time itself. However, this power is so great that, if delved into without proper preparation, can prove disastrous.


Little Planet, along with its Time Stones, was a closely guarded secret of Albion and watched over by its stewards, the latest being King Rob 'o the Hedge, so that the threat of invaders is low. Secrecy was essential, as the power of the Time Stones could prove disastrous in evil or incautious hands. (SU: #8 #25, SSSM: #3)

There have also been rumors of other protectors of the Time Stones. Some of these stories say a great and powerful owl spirit, Nicholas O'Tyme, decides who may use them. Others claim that an elite few have guarded Little Planet throughout time and go by the name of the Knights of Kronos. The latter have been hinted at by a future Mammoth Mogul, who trained Silver the Hedgehog in preparation to become one. (SU: #216, SSSM: #3, CSE)


Silver uses a Time Stone to perform Chronos Control.

Silver was the first individual seen able to use Chronos Control, though he initially used a Super Warp Ring because he lacked confidence in using the stones. However, he eventually mastered them, traveling back in time to aid the Future Freedom Fighters and later to attack Rotor Walrus, whom he came to believe had betrayed the Knothole Freedom Fighters after doing research on Onyx Island. Mammoth Mogul later used the Time Stone that Silver had used to send Silver to the past until he could find the traitor instead of continuously traveling through time and unnecessarily changing the future multiple times. (StH: #215, #235, SU: #8)

Background Information

  • The Time Stones made their debut in the Sonic series in the video game Sonic CD. When the first Time Stone appeared in Sonic Universe #8, many fans deduced that it was a Time Stone based on the fact that Silver used "Chronos Control" rather than the more familiar Chaos Control. This was later confirmed in print in Sonic the Hedgehog #215.
  • The backstory on the Time Stones and Little Planet from Sonic Super Special Magazine Issue 3 appears to be inspired both by the Sonic CD game and the SatAM two-part episode: "Blast to the Past."

Status/Location of the Time Stones

  • The locations of the Time Stones are as follows:
Color Status/Location
  • Whereabouts currently unknown
  • Whereabouts currently unknown
  • Whereabouts currently unknown
  • Used by Silver the Hedgehog to travel to 3267 in an attempt to save the future where he comes from. (SU: #5)
  • Used by Silver the Hedgehog to return home to 3437 P.X.E. (SU: #8)
  • Used by Silver the Hedgehog to travel to 3237 in search of "Boomer", who he believed to be the Freedom Fighter traitor. (StH: #215)
  • Used by Silver the Hedgehog to return home to 3437 P.X.E. (StH: #216)
  • Used by Silver the Hedgehog to return home to 3437 P.X.E. after following a mysterious being into an alternate 3237. (SU: #28)
  • Used by Mammoth Mogul (P.X.E.) to send Silver the Hedgehog to 3237 so he could find the Freedom Fighter traitor. (StH: #235)
  • Last known to be in Mammoth Mogul's (P.X.E.) possession (Post Super Genesis Wave status unknown)
  • Whereabouts currently unknown
  • Whereabouts currently unknown
  • Whereabouts currently unknown
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