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First Appearance

Sonic Universe #7

Biographical information


  • Mobian/Echidna/Mutated Chao/Goddess of Water/Elemental
Physical description


  • Made of pure green H2O
  • Eyes: green
  • Form changes when exposed to Chaos energies
Political Alignment and Abilities
Notable Super Forms
  • Perfect Tikhaos

Tikhaos is a fusion entity of the spirit of Tikal, bound to the mutated Chao-turned water elemental/god of water, Chaos, from the Light Mobius zone. Though physically composed of Chaos' water-body when normal, it retains the shape of Tikal as well as some semblance of her personality. Tikhaos exhibits a "hunger" for Chaos energy, possibly to sustain her/his/its/their form, but when overloaded with it will lose control and transform into the savage water god, Perfect Tikhaos, an almost perfect version of Perfect Chaos.



Tikal and Chaos were both released at some point during the Elemental War. Due to this, Tikal had to bind herself to Chaos in order to control him, thus creating Tikhaos. However, with too much chaos energy she would lose control, and grew to be a threat to herself and others. In order to contain her, Tikhaos was quarantined in the catacombs deep within Castle Mobius during the rule of King Shadow, along with E-107 Theta, and the Anarchy Beryl Bomb. (SU: #7, #8)

Released from the Catacombs

Perfect Tikhaos

Shortly after the Five Years of Peace celebration, the former King Shadow was restored from suspended animation by Lien-Da, and proceeded to liberate Tikhaos from her imprisonment. Desperately "hungry" for some chaos energy, Shadow supplied her with an excessive amount of Chaos powers, resulting in the Tikal entity losing control and transforming into Perfect Tikhaos. The monster laid waste to Castle Mobius, and then prepared to confront the Future Freedom Fighters. (SU: #7)

Perfect Tikhaos went on a rampage and began attacking Portal. Lara-Su instructed Jacques and Belle D'Coolette to keep it from going forward with a frontal assault while Melody and Skye Prower distracted it. In the meantime, Lara-Su planned to perform the "Tikal's Prayer" ritual to calm down Tikhaos, while King Sonic went to rescue his family and Silver from the castle's ruins. Eventually, Tikhaos was subdued by the combined might of the Future Freedom Fighters, with the final blow being from Sonia and Manik Acorn. Lara-Su then implemented Tikal's Prayer, and Tikhaos reverted back to her Tikal-based form. (SU: #8)


Tikhaos retains the personalities of both Tikal and Chaos, with Tikal's intellect usually in command but with Chaos' desires and emotions bubbling beneath the surface. The combined creature hungers for the Chaos Force, but goes out of control if given too much, Chaos' primal instincts overwhelming Tikal's efforts to reign it in.


Tikhaos appears to share many of the abilities of Chaos, but is not quite as powerful, possibly due to Tikal's efforts to control it. It retains Chaos' greatest weakness: it's brain, if struck, can disrupt the whole creature's substance. While it feeds on Chaos energy, it is also susceptible to having it drained, which Lara-Su accomplished using Tikal's Prayer.

Background Information

  • In her perfect form, Tikhaos resembles the Godzilla monster, Biollante.
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