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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.
Current Continuity

For the Light Mobius version of Tikal and Chaos, see Tikhaos.

Tikal Profile New
Biographical information

14 (at time of death); at least several thousand in spirit form



Physical description
  • Tribal dress
  • Gold headband
  • White tanktop
  • Blue bracelets
  • White gloves
  • White sandals
  • White panties (formerly)
  • Green panties
Political Alignment and Abilities

Tikal is an Echidna spirit who long ago sealed herself and the ancient elemental Chaos within the Master Emerald. The daughter of Knuckles Clan chief Pachacamac, Tikal rejected her father's warmongering ways to befriend Chaos and the Chao he protected. Later, when he was released by Dr. Eggman, she joined forces with Knuckles the Echidna and Sonic the Hedgehog to try and stop his rampage. After her success, Tikal returned to the Master Emerald with Chaos, but the two remained aware of evils afflicting their former home.


Early Life[]

Tikal lived in the ancient past within what would later become known as the Mystic Ruins, the daughter of Pachacamac, the chief of the Knuckles Clan, a tribe of Echidnas. Living in the future Mystic Ruins, the peace-loving Tikal befriended Chaos and the Chao it protected. Unfortunately, her warlike father led their people into a war that threatened to annihilate them. In desperation, her father attacked Chaos' shrine in search of the Chaos Emeralds kept there, but in doing so injured the Chao. Chaos, enraged, all but annihilated the Knuckles Clan, and would have destroyed the world had Tikal not stopped him. Using the power of her heart, she sealed herself and Chaos away within the Master Emerald. Millennia later, she and Chaos were released when Dr. Eggman shattered the Master Emerald, and she desperately reached out to Knuckles the Echidna-the last of her clan-and Sonic the Hedgehog in order to prevent Chaos' rise. Once Super Sonic had defeated Perfect Chaos, Tikal's old friend returned to his peaceful state, and Tikal happily accompanied him back to their home. (SA/SADX)

In the past of a altered timeline created when the world was rewritten by the second Genesis Wave, Tikal once again appeared to aide Sonic in defeating Chaos. Sonic briefly mentioned her while he and Mega Man fought the Chaos Devil. (MM: #27)

Shattered World[]

Tikal and Chip

Tikal and Light Gaia (a.k.a "Chip").

From a readers perspective, this picks up from where the original pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity left off

When the planet shattered thanks to the Super Genesis Wave, Tikal and Chaos emerged out of the Master Emerald. While Chaos dove down to the world below, Tikal confronted Knuckles over what happened. She told him that the world shattering was natural, but that this one was wrong - there was supposed to be a Guardian to help guide it in repairing the planet, but something has possibly happened to it. To that, Knuckles agreed to investigate, enlisting Relic the Pika and Fixit to watch the island while he was away. (SU: #63)

When Knuckles completed his mission, bringing Chip to Angel Island, Tikal was there to greet him, and encouraged him to rest up from his harrowing journey. Soon after, she quickly answered Coral's prayer, apologizing profusely for not answering it sooner due to Dark Gaia's influence and reassuring her that everything would be alright. Working with Coral, Pearly, and a revived Aquarius, she helped to raise the mystical shield that protected the city of Meropis, thus repelling Dark Gaia's Minions. After helping instruct Amy Rose in the Mystic Melody, Tikal informed the Knothole Freedom Fighters that it could be used to help locate the Gaia Temples. Unfortunately, she was then forced to withdraw due to her weakened state. Returning to Angel Island, she decided to take Chip to the Hidden Palace for safety after Relic the Pika reported that the island had been invaded. (StH: #263, SU: 66, 67)


Thanks to her grandmother's upbringing, Tikal is a devout pacifist, the total opposite of her deceased clan members and particularly her father. While she abhors fighting, she is also a strong defender of truth and peace, and is not above helping others fight to protect the world. She loved her people despite their warlike ways, and attempted to sway them from their destructive path; having failed, she determined to insure that they would be the only victims of Chaos' wrath. Despite Chaos' dangerous, powerful nature, she continues to consider him a friend, and wants nothing more than to calm any anger he might display so that he might find peace.


As a spirit, Tikal is possessed of a number of abilities, including projecting herself to locations around the world. She is also capable of performing the Mystic Melody, which she did alongside Coral and Pearly to restore Meropis' magical shield. Tikal can also appear in the former of a spiritual orb.


Tikal was once an orange-furred Echidna girl with cobalt eyes, physically in her teens-years at the time of her demise. During that period, she wore a tanktop-like garment which revealed her midriff and the traditional tribal dress with beige, green, and red triangular patterns. As a sign of her royal lineage, she wore a golden necklace and tiara-like band atop her forehead, both of which were decorated with a blue jewel in the center. Her white gloves were adorned with thick, cobalt-blue bracelets around her wrists, and she wore white-strapped sandals. Her dreadlocks were also wrapped with similar white bandages.

In her spiritual form, she appeared either as a bright pink orb of light which hovered in midair, or as a full-bodied apparition resembling her once-physical self.

Background information[]

  • Tikal also did not appear canonically-apart from a brief mention-in the Worlds Collide crossover, despite Chaos being featured in that arc. This fact was acknowledge in the Off Panel for SU #53, where Wily questions what happened to Tikal and is assured that she is no threat, only for her to be seen "counseling" the Yellow Devil.
  • As mentioned above, Tikal is one of the few SEGA characters from the comics whose biological family was created for the video game continuity, a trait shared with Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Cream the Rabbit and Jet the Hawk.