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Thunderhawk of the House of Edmund
First Appearance

Knuckles the Echidna #16

Biographical information


  • Guardian of the Floating Island (formerly)


Physical description


  • Fur: Purple
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Beard: White
  • White crest on chest
  • Blue Vest
  • Brown Boots & Belt
  • White spiked gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities

Thunderhawk is a Mobian Echidna, a member of the Brotherhood of Guardians and one of its few surviving members. While not known for any particular outstanding achievements as a Guardian, Thunderhawk has been a vital part of the Brotherhood team, assisting in dealing with the Overlanders and the issue of Alicia Acorn. Thunderhawk was responsible for watching over the continent of Downunda during the time of Dr. Ivo Robotnik and following the despot's demise. Thunderhawk was last seen by most defending the Master Emerald with the rest of the Brotherhood (except Locke) from the forces of Dr. Eggman. Following this battle, Thunderhawk and the rest of the battle-weary Brotherhood were captured and studied by Dr. Finitevus before he sent them to the Twilight Zone.



Little is known about Thunderhawk's time as Guardian. What is known is that he thwarted a Dark Legion invasion that was led by the young Grandmaster Luger. Additionally, he mapped out the revitalized Floating Island following the radiation cleanup. (CSE)

The Queen Alicia Incident

During the Great War, Queen Alicia was sent to Angel Island in order to avoid getting caught up in the conflict. However, a group of Overlander attack ships shot down her ship. When the Overlanders went to inspect the crash site, Thunderhawk quickly warned Sabre and Sojourner of their presence. Sabre proceeded to lie to the Overlanders, claiming everyone died in the crash. After they left, Thunderhawk and Sabre cleaned up the wreckage and buried the bodies of the deceased, while Sojourner and Spectre brought Queen Alicia back to Haven and put her in cryo-sleep in order to prevent her death from the injuries she sustained in the crash. Additionally, the three Guardians brought back Elias Acorn, who was only a baby at the time, and raised him until he was ten, then turning him over to Colonel Sommersby at the Royal Compound . (KtE: #21)

Brotherhood Member During Knuckles's Time

When the Brotherhood began keeping eyes on their global interests, Thunderhawk was responsible for watching over the continent of Downunda. Following Sonic the Hedgehog's discovery of Crocbot's remains and the latter's schemes of using the Platypus' against the Downunda Freedom Fighters, Thunderhawk was responsible for the cleanup efforts and ensuring life returned to normal in Downunda. While discussing what happened with the rest of the Brotherhood, Thunderhawk stated Sonic was "nothing but trouble" and left him a "lot of cleaning up to do". (KtE: #16)

When Sabre raised the issue of Knuckles developing abilities much faster than he should, Thunderhawk and Sojourner waved the issue off, with Thunderhawk pointing out that adolescence was harder for some. Later, When the Brotherhood monitored Julie-Su and Knuckles' increasing interest in one another, Thunderhawk considered it an "interesting development". (KtE: #16, #18)

Brotherhood Knuckles01

Thunderhawk debating with the other Brotherhood members what to do about Knuckles unexpected arrival to Haven

After Knuckles' arrival in Haven, Thunderhawk stated "This is a disaster! Knuckles isn't ready for Haven, he's too undisciplined!". Sojourner agreed with his son, saying they should return Knuckles before he came to his senses. However, Sabre and Spectre disagreed, allowing Knuckles to remain in Haven. After Knuckles neutralized Moritori Rex, who was still disguised as Tobor, Thunderhawk went to check on Hawking's health while the others went to speak to Knuckles. (KtE: #21)

The following day when Knuckles was speaking to the Brotherhood, enraged that he'd been kept in the dark so long about their existence, Thunderhawk said "there so much more to this than you could imagine". The following day while Benedict was presenting his speech, Thunderhawk mediated the debate between Sojourner and Sabre. As the debate intensified, Thunderhawk jumped in, stating "Go easy Sojourner! You know Sabre isn't one to engage in idle debate!". As Sabre began to reply, a team of Dark Legion troops broke into Haven and tranquilized Thunderhawk, Sojourner and Sabre before they could react. Once the three awoke, Thunderhawk demanded to know how the Dark Legion penetrated their defenses in Haven. Moritori Rex entered the room shortly revealing he was responsible. Eventually, the three Guardians were rescued by Locke and Spectre. (KtE: #22, #23, #24)

When one of the late Dr. Ivo Robotnik's air craft was detected flying towards Angel Island, Sabre asked what Thunderhawk thought of it. Noting that the craft was transmitting King Acorn's personal identification signal, and than an enemy would not likely know it, he suggested the pilot was likely either King Acorn himself or an emissary. Thunderhawk was correct, as the pilot was Sally Acorn on a mission to request an alliance with the Brotherhood against Robo-Robotnik. (KtE: #29)

After Hunter managed to disable all of the Brotherhood's monitoring technology and fail safes, Thunderhawk and Locke investigated parts of Haven for possible sabotage, while Sabre and Sojourner checked if it was a problem with their technology's hardware. Thunderhawk asked Locke if Moritori Rex could have been responsible, though Locke suggested it was unlikely. (KtE: #31)


Thunderhawk explaining two options the Brotherhood should take in response to Dr. Eggman's attack

After Dr. Eggman freed the water beast Chaos from the Black Emerald, he proceeded to attack Angel Island in order to obtain shardes from the Master Emerald to help Chaos evolve. When Knuckles arrived at Haven to find out why Angel Island was now immersed in the water, Thunderhawk, who was at the command centre, explained that Hunter's various interferences with Haven had prevented them from restoring their fail-safes in time, resulting in the island being vulnerable to attack. When Remington provided Haven with video footage of Eggman's attack, Thunderhawk stated "The way I see it, we have two choices: one - we work to restore the island the way it was before this disaster or two - we go after the party responsible for it!". When Knuckles confronted his father about them not agreeing to help Princess Sally Acorn with their war against Eggman when she came to them earlier, Thunderhawk countered both he and Spectre, stating "Based on all previous data, Spectre, our decision was the correct one! If we are dealing with Robotnik - whatever reasons prevented him from taking similar action prior to this are no longer valid!". With that said, Knuckles left to locate the missing pieces of the Master Emerald, while Thunderhawk and the others remained behind. (StH: #79, #80)

Sojourner Thunderhawk

Sojourner and Thunderhawk discussing the cause for Haven's destruction upon their return

After Knuckles returned the Master Emerald shards and Angel Island, Thunderhawk explained that due to the Chaos Chamber being destroyed the Brotherhood had to set up a new area for the Master Emerald, and that the new design should tap into the emerald's energy more efficiently. Once Angel Island began to ascend into the sky once again, Thunderhawk accompanied Knuckles on a ship to the Mysterious Cat Country to locate his father and the Chaotix. As Knuckles left the shuttle, Thunderhawk asked if he wanted to be accompanied, to which Knuckles said he would be fine. (StH: #84)

During the Legion's next campaign, Thunderhawk and the rest of the Brotherhood was accompanied by Mathias, where they rallied together and attacked the Dark Legion base at the Grand Conservatory. However, they were soon transported mid battle to a pocket zone when the Dark Legion fired the Quantum Beam at Angel Island via their Battle Cruiser. (SSS: #14)

The Brotherhood was returned to Mobius Prime later by Chaos Knuckles. Once they were returned to Mobius Prime amongst the wreckage of Haven, Thunderhawk discussed with his father Sojourner who was likely behind the chain of events. Sojourner originally stated there were no clues as to the cause, but Thunderhawk quickly pointed out there was evidence of the Dark Legion everywhere. Thunderhawk was later present along with Sabre and Locke in Haven II when Mammoth Mogul contacted them revealing he now held the dying Dimitri hostage. After Chaos Knuckles died while combating Mogul, Thunderhawk and the rest of the Brotherhood attended his funeral. (StH: #107, #116, #121)

Last Stand and Captive

Brotherhood laststance1

Thunderhawk on the Master Emerald during the Brotherhood's last stand defending it

After the Xorda's attack on Mobius and Sonic the Hedgehog's supposed death, Angel Island came under heavy siege by the forces of Dr. Eggman and his new allies, the Dingoes under the leadership of Kage Von Stryker. The Brotherhood, including Thunderhawk, spent as long as they could holding off Eggman's forces while the Master Emerald was relocated to prevent it from being captured. The Brotherhood was believed to have died during this battle, but in reality the mad scientist Dr. Finitevus had simply captured the battle-weakened Guardians. (StH: #139)

Having been badly weakened from their battle with Eggman's forces, Dr. Finitevus had no problems holding them captive. From there, Finitevus performed numerous studies on each member of the Brotherhood in order to understand their relationship with Chaos energies. Once he felt he learned all he could, Finitevus dumped the Brotherhood and Moritori Rex into the Twilight Zone, leaving them for dead. (StH: #183)


Thunderhawk is often in agreement with his father Sojourner. When the Brotherhood was discussing the turmoil Mobius was left in following the death of Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Thunderhawk agreed with his father in that it was much more difficult to manage the numerous small problems all over Mobius than strictly dealing with just Robotnik or the Dark Legion. He also appears to hold tradition in high regard, desiring to send Knuckles back to the Sandopolis Zone after he managed to arrive in Haven, as he felt Knuckles was too young and undiciplined to learn of it and its secrets. His stance on the Brotherhood's use of technology is not known, as he merely mediated the debate between Sojourner and Sabre. (KtE: #16, #21, #23)

Despite this, Thunderhawk is not completely closed-minded to new ideas; when the issue came up of Knuckles getting together with Julie-Su (a former Dark Legionnaire), Thunderhawk stated he thought the relationship would be "interesting". (KtE: #27)

Background Information

Continuity Errors

Back in the letters page of KtE #21 a fan asked a question about listing Knuckles' relatives in order up to Hawking. The response was: "The father of Knuckles is Locke. Locke's father is Sabre. Sabre's father is Athair. Followed by Athair is his mother Janelle-Li, the first and only female Guardian, and daughter of Thunderhawk. Thunderhawk's father was Sojourner, who was child of Spectre. Tobor the father of Spectre, and the son of Hawking." Evidence to support this appeared in the comics in KtE #29 when Spectre gives a roll call introduction to Princess Sally stating that his son is Sojourner and Thunderhawk is his grandson.

It wasn't until the Sonic Data Banks that this was changed around to Sojourner being the son of Thunderhawk. As to reasons why this change was made nobody is quite sure. All that is known of this situation was that it was handled under poor editing. Hardcore fans got upset with this, but many have adapted to the changes. This order was also shown on Knuckles family tree.

Confusion once again arose in the letters page of StH #193. When asked the order of birth, the editor responded: For the record: The order goes Spectre, Sojourner, Thunderhawk, then Janelle-Li, Athair, Sabre, Locke and Knuckles, for those of you keeping track at home.". When asked about this, writer Ian Flynn responded: I'm going to have to go over it all again to see if there's a nuance somewhere that can nail it down. We will eventually be setting it in stone. Officially. In print. That's more official than what's come before. (1)

Given the recent note by the editor, confirmation by the lead writer this is more canon than what has come before, as well as evidence from dialogue in the comics, Mobius Encyclopaedia recognizes the order as: Spectre, Sojourner, Thunderhawk.


Thunderhawk is a tall Echidna with lilac fur and mohawk-like bangs, clad in a blue and white tunic with shoulder-pads and flaps by the waist. He also wore a brown belt and boots with a pouch hung from the side. Like his father, Sabre and Locke, he sported a beard, though considerably more prominent than his father's. A noteworthy part of Thunderhawk's appearance was the spikes going down his dreadlocks.

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