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The subject of this article appeared after the Super Genesis Wave.
Not to be confused with Thunderhawk of the Brotherhood of Guardians, Thunder the Streaking Pasha, or the Thunder Arrow attack.

Biographical information



Egg Boss

Physical description
  • Black gloves
  • Orange shirt
  • Black overalls with yellow buttons
  • Orange shoes
  • Cybernetic enhancements
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Uses a robot battle suit
  • Electric blasts from cybernetics

Thunderbolt the Chinchilla is the Egg Boss of an Egg Army division stationed in Soumerca, and thus serves the Eggman Empire under Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik.


Werehog Unleashed[]


Thunderbolt's shadowed visage during her communication with Eggman.

After Cassia and Clove informed Dr. Eggman of the theft of the Chaos Emerald they had located in Crystal Cave, Eggman contacted Thunderbolt. As Thunderbolt's forces had also acquired a Chaos Emerald, she was prepared to send it to him; however, Eggman ordered her to instead use it as bait for the Sally Acorn and her team. According to plan, Thunderbolt's rainforest territory was visited by not only the Knothole Freedom Fighters, but also Mighty the Armadillo and Ray the Flying Squirrel during the events of The Shattered World Crisis. Thunderbolt and her forces-including E-113 Xi-engaged the invading heroes, with Xi making the first strike and being destroyed as a result. Thunderbolt chastised her underlings for this failure, given that they had lost a robot entrusted to them by Dr. Eggman. She and her men prepared an electrical trap for the heroes, but inadvertently triggered Sonic the Hedgehog's transformation into the Werehog. (StH: #263, #264)

The Werehog savagely attacked Thunderbolt's troops, wrecking her battle suit and revealing her diminutive form. Consumed by bestial rage, the Werehog prepared to finish her off, but was stopped by Mighty and the Freedom Fighters. Returning to her base, Thunderbolt was severely chastised by Eggman for her failure, and informed that further failure would be punished severely. In response, Thunderbolt had her forces prepare a weapon known as the Flying Dynamo in order to destroy Werehog Sonic once and for all. However, shortly after the robot's deployment, Thunderbolt received a signal informing her of its destruction, much to her anger. She later caught a couple of her Egg Soldiers watching the Chaos Emerald Championship, driving her into another fury. (StH: #265, #266, #267, #269)

Facing the Naugus Twins[]

Later, she was called upon by Eggman to join the other Egg Bosses in a mission to retake Eggmanland from Walter and Wendy Naugus, much to her evident joy. While the other Egg Bosses expressed their dislike towards this, she angrily berated them for the criticism as they were here to serve Eggman "and like it". After the meeting she was forced to team up with Clove in order to shut down the defenses, with Thunderbolt bringing her suit of armor (becoming stuck in the door in the process). Later, Thunderbolt asked Clove why she wasn't thankful for everything Eggman had done for her, calling Cassie a brat in the process. Thunderbolt continued and said if she didn't explain herself she would be punished but didn't get to finish her threat as the walls started to close on her. Clove managed to rescue her, despite being riled with disrespect about Cassia, and the two managed to complete their mission.(SU: #83, #84, #85)



Eggman summons Thunderbolt.

On top of her loyalty to Dr. Eggman, Thunderbolt apparently has high opinions of him, referring to him as "Lord Eggman" when discussing him with her troops; for example, when informed by one of her Egg Soldiers that "her" plan was ready, she roughly replied that it was actually Eggman's plan and that they merely had the pleasure of carrying it out. In fact, she appears to have a form of crush on the doctor. Thunderbolt also has ruthless and sadistic tendencies; she does not tolerate failure nor does she take prisoners, and she seems to enjoy the suffering of her master's enemies. She also has an extremely short temper. Despite her loyalty to Eggman, it is apparent that she fears him as well.


Thunderbolt Battles Sonic the Werehog

Thunderbolt's electrical powers at work.

Due to her small size, Thunderbolt usually occupies a battle-suit that is larger than most average Mobians or even humans. Having undergone Cyberization, she is also fitted with cybernetics, which allow her to project powerful electrical blasts.


Thunderbolt is a Mobian Chinchilla, close to 10 inches tall, with big ears almost as big as her head and a long bushy tail. She has yellow-orange colored fur all over her head, ears and tail, a white muzzle and brown nose. Thunderbolt has bushy turquoise color hair fluff covering her chest all the way to the back of her neck and has light green eyes. Thunderbolt where's a suit similar to Eggman's classic look. She also has a power generator on her back with tubes that connect to her gloves and to a ruby like object on her forehead.

Thunderbolt with Army

Thunderbolt in her armor with her Egg Soldiers.

In her powersuit, Thunderbolt is around 5 to 6 feet tall. The suit itself slightly resemble E-102 Gamma and the E-1000 series. Thunderbolt's silhouette can be seen through the suit's yellowish dome.

Background Information[]

  • The name Thunderbolt was revealed in the official solicitation for StH #264 several months before the printing of the actual issue.
  • Thunderbolt follows a trend of fictional characters who appear in a massive suit of armor to conceal their tiny size. In fact, Thunderbolt is one of the smallest Mobian variants seen, surpassed only by the Fire Ants and Charmy Bee in his "flight mode" from the original continuity.
  • Her identification as a chinchilla was revealed by Ian Flynn in the Bumbleking Forums.[1]
  • Thunderbolt was featured on one of the variant covers of StH #275 alongside several other Egg Bosses, Walter Naugus and the Hooligans, Breezie the Hedgehog and the Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad, and Dr. Eggman, Orbot and Cubot, and Metal Sonic.
  • Her fear of Eggman's wrath aside, Thunderbolt is possibly one of the few Egg Bosses thus far who truly is evil.
  • According to Aleah Baker, Thunderbolt is 23 years old and around 55-60 cm in height.[2]