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You may be looking for the Grandmaster of the Nerb Dark Egg Legion: The Foreman

The Foreman
The Foreman
First Appearance

Sonic the Hedgehog #255

Biographical information
  • The Foreman
  • Tassel Boy

Egg Foreman



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Political Alignment and Abilities

The Foreman (nicknamed "Tassel Boy" by Dr. Eggman) is a high-ranking soldier of the Metropolis Egg Army. He was evidently in charge of overseeing development of a new shield generator for the current Death Egg. When Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails invaded the Metropolis Zone looking for one of their fellow Knothole Freedom Fighters, they found him and another Egg Soldier named Scarlette in a control room. However, the Foreman didn't have long to confront his master Dr. Eggman's enemies, as Scarlette-in actuality Sonic and Tails' teammate Bunnie D'Coolette-knocked him out before revealing herself to her friends. The Foreman later awoke in the aftermath of a massive quake that rocked Metropolis, the Freedom Fighters having escaped with the shield generator for their Sky Patrol base. (StH: #255)

As punishment for the scandal, Dr. Eggman activated the fail-safe within the Foreman's cybernetics, causing him to become completely paralyzed. He was used as a demonstration to the Egg Bosses to validate the penalty for failing Eggman. After this, the Foreman's body was sent back to his holding slot with other victims of Eggman's paralysis. Later, the Foreman was sent to the Tralius Egg Army base where Maw the Thylacine was going to use him to test Eggman's new Roboticizer (SU: #84, #86)

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