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The Bits are a trio of tiny artificial Mobian hedgehogs created by Professor Von Schlemmer.


The Bits first appeared to greet Professor Von Schlemmer after he returned from the science center with Silver the Hedgehog, and then demonstrated to Silver how the Bigger-Maker Machine worked after he became curious of the professor's inventions. Later, when Onyx City Council tried to despose of Silver and Von Schlemmer by launching them into a Genesis Portal, Von Schlemmer revealed he had the Bits with him and activated them to help the pair escape from the portal. However, a powerful creature called the Second Devourer follow them and began to terrorize Onyx City. Gold the Tenrec used her telepathy to link her mind, Silver's mind and the minds of the Bits to Von Schlemmer so he can quickly modify his Bigger-Maker Machine to enlarge Silver big enough to combat the Second Devourer. (SU: #80, #81, #82)


Bits Character Design

Character concept designs of the Bits.

In total, there are three different variants of Bits: a blue model, a red model, and a yellow model. Each of them have designs similar to Sonic the Hedgehog. Each of them also has a red orb attached on its head. When in standby mode, they curl into perfectly spherical ball which can fit in the palm of the hand.

Background Information[]

  • The Bits are based on the "Virtual Hedgehog" characters from the multiplayer mode of Sonic Colors.
  • The Bits speak in binary code and can be translated into actual words.
    • In Sonic Universe #80, the Bit on the cover is saying "WOO#", the one greeting Von Schlemmer is saying "hi", and the one that is made larger says "OK".

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