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After an incredible 24 year run, Archie Comics Sonic the Hedgehog comic book series is now sadly a thing of the past. But Sonic’s advenures in the medium of comics is still going strong. For information partaining to the current Sonic comic book series by IDW Publishing and its own continuity-completely separate from that of the Archie run-please visit our sister site: IDW Sonic Hub

Mobius Encyclopedia will continue to remain as complete as possible on all information partaining to the Archie Sonic continuity released up to its end.

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Nigel Acorn


King Nigel Acorn is the King of Mobotropolis and the father of Princess Sally Acorn. Many years ago the king was betrayed by his former adviser Dr. Robotnik which would result in the evil scientist's rise to power. However, Sally and her Freedom Fighters later rescued the king, who returned to his throne.

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Sonic the Hedgehog #155


"Line of Succession: Part 1": The biggest shake-up in Sonic comic history starts here! A mysterious illness has attacked Knothole and not even Sonic is fast enough to stop it. But is the illness real? Have the people been poisoned by one of their own, or worse, decieved? The mind-boggling events may even lead to Sonic losing Sally forever! Plus, Dulcy the Dragon stars in "The Price of Flame: Part 1".

Sonic the Hedgehog #156


"Line of Succession: Part 2": To save the kingdom, Princess Sally must sacrifice her feelings and do what must be done... go along with an arranged marriage! Can her one-time love, Sonic, race to save the day before Sally walks down the aisle? Is Sonic fast enough to stop the mysterious trader from destroying the kingdom or will a new king mean the end of the kingdom? Plus, Dulcy’s story concludes in "The Price of Flame: Part 2".

Sonic X #3


"Field Trip of Doom": When a mysterious Doctor invites Chris, Sonic and their friends on a field trip to the space museum, evil goes into orbit! Sonic and crew are left in a dire situation as Eggman's sinister plan unfolds. What could it be?

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