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Teri-Lu gives Remington an update.

Teri-Lu was a member of the Echidna Security Team and Constable Remington's secretary. She had the task of maintaining his schedule, setting up meetings, and delivering his lunch, important papers, reports and mugshots. She was also responsible for Julie-Su attending the conference with the Chaotix and Remington after Mello's death. (KtE: #10, #13)

Background Information

  • Teri-Lu's current whereabouts are unknown, but it is likely she was one of the many casualties of the Egg Grape Chambers. In the event that she survived, she would have subsequently ended up banished from Mobius along with most of the other Echidnas by Thrash the Devil


Teri-Lu wore a blue dress that had two triangular stripes on it, similar to the badges worn by the crew members on Star Trek. She was also typically seen wearing headphones with a microphone attachment, doubtless for the purpose of answering phones. She also wore a white arm band around her white elbow; in the Knuckles Archives she also gains white gloves. Teri-Lu had blue eyes in both incarnations; in the original Knuckles comics she had red fur, but the Archives recolored her to give her yellow fur.