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To view the old Article of the Week template, go to the archive page of this template.

Usage instructions

To use this template, place the following code at the bottom of an article:

{{Article of the Week

For articles that have been named on two or more separate occasions, place the number of times the article has been named in the number value. For example, if an article has been named Article of the Week on two occasions, put 2 in the number value.

Example: |number=2

Also, an × symbol does not need to be put in the number value. The symbol will automatically appear when a number is put into the number value.

Example: |number=2 will yield ×2 in the template.

***Note: Articles that have been named only once or have been Article of the Week for more than one consecutive week in a row do not need a value put in the number value.***

For the date value, put the date of the most recent naming of an article.

Example: |date=5/30/10

For articles that were Article of the Week for more than one consecutive week in a row on their last naming, put the date of the first week followed by a dash and the date of the last week.

Examples: |date=4/18/10 - 4/25/10 and |date=9/14/08 - 10/5/08
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