The Albion Knights of Aurora fighting during the Forgotten War

The Templar Knights of Aurora, also known as the Albion Knights of Aurora were the military force of Echidnas from Albion some 9,700 years ago, named after their society's deity, Aurora. They were the only force on Mobius which was technologically advanced enough to counter the early rise of Mammoth Mogul and his Order of Ixis during the latter's bid for world domination. The Albion Knights successfully destroyed all but four members of the Order of Ixis in the Forgotten War: the sorcerers Nusgau, Agunus, and Suguna-who would later become Ixis Naugus-and Mogul himself. Their battles with the Order threatened all of Mobius, and eventually the Knights forsook their valor and set out to stop the Ixians by committing crimes against nature itself on all battle fronts. (StH: #66, #163; SU #43)


  • It is possible that the efforts of the Albion Knights to stop the Order of Ixis are the "secret sins of Albion" referred to by Dr. Finitevus in Sonic Universe #12.
  • The group's second name of Templar Knights obviously comes from the historical Knights Templar, who took part in the Crusades of the Middle Ages.