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Technomage is the name given to practitioners of Magitek, a mystical art involving the manipulation of electrical signals. The only known group of Technomages was based in Mega Central, a city of Overlanders. However, by the time of the Great War it had been made illegal, and all the technomages-except for a young acolyte named Regina Ferrum-were put to death. As a result, Regina is the only known living Technomage. (StH: #202)

Background Information[]

  • Despite its dark magical usage, no known Technomages were targeted by the Ancient Walkers' mission to Sir Connery against practitioners of dark magic.
  • Dr. Finitevus has often been referred to by fans as a Technomage, based on the assumption that his Chaos Force-derived abilities have been combined with some scientific knowledge. It is unknown, however, if this is accurate. He does, however, call himself the former technomage of the Dark Legion in StH #171, although he could have been refering to his position as the leading scientist/doctor who installed their cybernetics. Finitevus may have meant Techno-Mage or Techno/Mage,as he is involved in both science and "magic" (Chaos Powers).