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Team Sticks
Team Sticks
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Freedom Fighter group

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Team Sticks, ready and reporting for duty. Let's go stop world-hopping evil!

–Sticks after "forming" her team., Sonic Boom #8

Team Sticks is a group from the Sonic Boom Zone consisting of its leader and namesake, Sticks the Badger, and her unlikely teammates Comedy Chimp and Fastidious Beaver. Sticks hastily pulled the team together to aid in the Multiverse-wide battle against Sigma. The group was later joined-at least in Sticks' mind-by a group of heroes from the Street Fighter Zone.


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The "new" Team Sticks in action, minus Sticks.

Team Sticks was formed after Sticks met the Maverick Hunters during their search for Sigma. Deciding to help them, Sticks grabbed Comedy and Fastidious, who were passing by, and convinced them to come along. Traveling to their Dr. Eggman's lair, they convinced their Orbot and Cubot to open a Genesis Portal, through which they departed in search of Sigma. The search eventually brought them to the Prime Zone version of Mobius, which was being fused with Earth 20XX, and saw Team Sticks joining forces with the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Robot Masters of those worlds. The group proved a disconcerting addition, and during the battle with Sigma's Mechaniloid Army only Sticks participated as a combatant while her "teammates" ran and hid. However, an unexpected trip through a Genesis Portal led her to make some new friends from another Zone: Chun-Li, Guile, Ken Masters, and Ryu. Together they returned just in time to save Sticks' allies from some of Sigma's Mavericks. (SB: #8, #9; MM: #50, #51; SU: #77; StH: #274)

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