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Team Rose
Team Rose
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Team Rose is a group consisting of Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit (with Cheese), and occasionally Blaze the Cat and Big the Cat, which has come together on a number of occasions.



Team Rose first came together after Blaze met Amy, Cream, and Cheese on Mobius after traveling there in search of one of the missing Sol Emeralds. While the group was initially off to a rough start due to Amy's assumptions of Blaze being an enemy and Blaze's constant suspicions, they aligned anyway since the two were both allies of Sonic the Hedgehog and put faith in his judgement. Team Rose used Blaze's links to the Sol Emeralds and NICOLE to track the mystical gem to the Great Forest, where they encountered Rouge the Bat, who also volunteered to help locate the jewel. Rouge later proved treacherous when she stole the located Sol Emerald from a root cavern at the bottom of a ravine and then called in the rest of Team Dark to deal with Team Rose. (SU: #21)

During the fight, Cheese got a hold of the emerald and escaped with it, only to result in him and Cream getting captured by Team Hooligan. Once the rest of Team Rose caught up with them, Nack, Bean, and Bark tried to escape on the Marvelous Queen, but were overtaken by Blaze when she went to rescue Cream. They then attempted to recover the emerald from Team Hooligan, but were confronted by Team Dark a second time and quickly taken out before they could explain they no longer had the gem. (SU: #22)

After finally being able to tell them what happened to the emerald, Team Rose managed to get Team Dark to agree to an uneasy truce. Both groups then set off together after Nack's team with Blaze's ability to sense the Sol Emerald guiding them while using Shadow's G.U.N.-issued bike as transport. They eventually were able to catch up Team Hooligan, only to find that the Babylon Rogues had joined the fight as well, making it a four-sided confrontation. Amy Rose proposed they still could work together with Team Dark and win, but confided in her teammates her certainty that they would turn on them soon, to which Blaze needed no convincing. They then charged forward into the melee as did the other three teams, with Amy leading the way and rallying her friends on to victory. (SU: #23)


Teams Rose, Dark, Hooligan, & Babylon fight over the Sol Emerald.

At first the battle was nothing but a hectic riot, and Blaze tried to get Amy, Cream, and Cheese to leave, saying it was her fight. However her teammates refused to go, vowing they were going to finish together, and they leapt back into the fight, with renewed determination to win. With Amy's help they were able to get Team Dark's cooperation again, and while their commando allies went about herding the Rogues, the girls managed to corral Team Hooligan together with them. Blaze then set off one of Bean's bombs and the resultant explosion was able to take both teams out of the fight in one move. At the battle's end, the girls braced to fend off Rouge's advances for the Sol Emerald again, but an intervention from both Shadow and Omega got her to stop on her own. After a cordial departure with the G.U.N. agents, Blaze took the recovered emerald, and left for her own world, promising to retrun once her quest was completed, and the team dissolved for the time being. It was only much later that Amy realized that they accidentally left NICOLE behind in the root cavern. (SU: #24)

Background Information[]

  • The name Team Rose stems from the video game Sonic Heroes; however, the game's version of the team consisted of Amy, Cream and Big the Cat rather than Blaze, who was present in the comics' first incarnation of the group. This is one of two modifications to the team featured outside Sonic Heroes; one of the Sonic Riders titles featured Vector the Crocodile taking Big's place.