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Team Metal is a team consisting of members of the Metal Series-Metal Sonic, Metal Amy, and Metal Tails.



Having been assembled by Dr. Eggman, Team Metal was deployed in an attack on New Mobotropolis in coalition with Eggman's Egg Swat troops. Eggman had hoped to save the group for another occasion, but was forced to launch them due to the unexpectedly strong resistance his forces encountered. Though formidable, the trio was unable to overcome Team Freedom, the city's defenders, who were aided from the shadows by the Secret Freedom Fighters. Metal Sonic fell to his predecessor Shard, Metal Amy was destroyed by Big the Cat after Silver the Hedgehog paralyzed her with his telekinesis, and Metal Tails fell to the combined efforts of Elias Acorn and Rotor Walrus. (StH: 240)

Background Information

  • Team Metal is essentially an evil robot version of Team Fighters, the robots making it up being the counterparts of the heroes who make up the Mobian team.
  • Team Metal does not possess a counterpart to the robot T-Pup, although they were assisted in their efforts to invade the city by Tails Doll.
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