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A young Antoine talking with Tatiana

Tatiana is a Mobian tiger who was once a romantic interest of Antoine D'Coolette. She had agreed to go on a date with the "heroic" Antoine at one point, only to be told by Sonic the Hedgehog that everything she heard about him was a lie. Hearing this, she told Antoine she no longer cared for him and was seen walking off hand-in-hand with Sonic. Because of this incident, Antoine vowed he would never fall in love again, though would eventually be won over by Bunnie Rabbot. Tatiana moved away shortly thereafter and was not seen or from for years until she wrote a letter to Antoine asking to meet with him again. Antoine became nervous since he was now dating Bunnie, and when he told Bunnie of his dilemma she seemed resigned to let Antoine date Tatiana. However, Antoine publicly refused Tatiana's advances and acknowledged his preference for Bunnie's affection. (StH: #137)

Background Information[]

  • Tatiana's history and interactions with Antoine contradict elements of the established canon, the most egregious being Tatiana casually "moving away" from Knothole Village despite it being the primary refuge from Dr. Robotnik and the threat of Roboticization at the time. This and other discrepancies may be due to the story's narrator, Patch D'Coolette, fabricating the story or having experienced a different series of events in his home world of Moebius.