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Tabby is a mobian Koala, and a hails from the Sol Zone. After Metal Sonic and Shadow the Hedgehog are transported to the Sol zone via Chaos Control, Metal Sonic turned it's attention to locating the local Dr. Eggman and finds it's way to Southern Island. There, he attacked Tabby, asking if he knew the location of 'Dr. Robotnik'. When Blaze the Cat arrived, Metal Sonic threw Tabby behind him and battled with Blaze. (SU: #1)

While Blaze was on Mobius Prime searching for one of the missing Sol Emeralds, her world appeared to be suffering ill effects; without all the emeralds, the weather patterns started to become unstable. As a massive storm approached, Tabby and Marine the Raccoon, pulled a dingy up to a pier on Southern Island with some difficulty due to the bucking waves. While Tabby complained about the "worrisome" state of the world lately, Marine secured the boat to the dock and insisted that things would turn out fine, saying with confidence that her "best mate" Blaze would recover the emeralds and set everything right. (SU: #22)


  • Tabby's name was never officially stated in the comics, but it was mentioned in Sonic Rush Adventure.
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