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Current Continuity

First Appearance

Sonic Universe #17

Biographical information



Miles "Tails" Prower

Physical description


  • Colours: Orange, grey, purple and white.
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Jaws
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flight via propellor.
  • Can produce holographic projections through eyes.

T-Pup is a small, canine-like robot built by Miles "Tails" Prower with the help of NICOLE the Holo-Lynx. He has since operated as a support unit to the Freedom Fighters, usually accompanying his master into battle.




T-Pup being built.

Tails created T-Pup with Nicole's assistance, and later put him to use on Cocoa Island, where T-Pup took part in Tails' campaign against the invading Battle Bird Armada. He aided Tails in a number of challenges, including helping him defeat the villainous Dr. Fukurokov. Later, when Rotor left Mobotropolis to oversee completion of the Sky Patrol, he apparently took T-Pup with him. (TA, StH: #253, SSD: #11)

In the alternate Mobius created during the second Genesis Wave, T-Pup apparently still existed, as Tails mentioned that Mega Man's robot dog Rush reminded him of T-Pup. (MM: #26)

Aiding the Freedom Fighters

When Sonic, Tails, and NICOLE arrived in the Mystic Ruins search of Rotor, Tails and T-Pup shared a happy reunion. T-Pup then joined the trio in their quest to find the other Freedom Fighters. When the group reached Metropolis Zone, T-Pup was left to pilot the Tornado while Sonic and Tails successfully sought out Bunnie. The five were caught by the Metropolis Egg Army in the process, but they managed to fight their way out and rendezvoused at the Tornado, still flown by T-Pup, before escaping back to the Sky Patrol. He remained aboard the Sky Patrol as the Shattered World Crisis began, and flew into action alongside his master when the Freedom Fighters launched relief efforts in Station Square. T-Pup was also called into action alongside Omochao, Cheese, and Big the Cat as Cream the Rabbit led the to the rescue of Team Freedom and Team Fighters in Soumerca. He later joined in the defense of the Sky Patrol from Dark Gaia's Minions just prior to receiving Dr. Ellidy's distress call, and sustained damage that Tails noted would need to be repaired. (StH: #253, #255, #256, #257, #267, SU: #71)


T-Pup acts much like a household dog, panting with its tongue held out, yipping and yapping, whining when scared, sad or damaged and growling at enemies.




A good way to describe T-Pup is that he is like a disproportionate, goofy, robot chihuahua. His colouring is light orange and grey and he has grey eyes. His head is roughly the same size as his body and he has large eyes, a large metal muzzle, a thin tail with a metal sphere at the end and a pink tongue.


T-Pup Projector

T-Pup projects a hologram.

T-Pup is capable of flight via a propeller that comes out of its back and also has a variety of high-tech equipment for field missions. For example, he can project holographic images with his eyes. He does not seem to have many functions for battle, but is capable of swimming and diving underwater.

Background Information

  • T-Pup is based upon the Remote Robot/Mecha Tails robot from the video game Tails Adventure.
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