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Syntar was a Dark Legion soldier and a skilled marksman. He was ordered by Lien-Da to assassinate another Legion assassin - one apparently hired to be among the crowd - who failed in his objective to take out Dimitri at a peace conference with the Mitre and High Council. Chaos Knuckles' interference halted the original assassin, and he was captured. Syntar was ordered to take him out before he could talk, and was given the directive as well to eliminate Julie-Su when she appeared in view of his scope. Before Syntar could take a shot, however, he was knocked out by Lara-Su. (StH: #109)

Syntar's whereabouts are currently unknown, though it is possible he was sent to the Egg Grape Chamber and died. Failing that, he presumably either left the Legion or joined the Dark Egg Legion under Lien-Da, either course leading to his banishment at the hands of Thrash the Devil.
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