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The subject of this article appeared before the Super Genesis Wave.
Sword of Light

Sir Connery holding the Sword of Light.

The Sword of Light is a magical weapon presumably created by the Ancient Walkers to counter dark magic. Its first known wielder was Sir Connery, a Paladin of the Ancient Walkers and knight of the Kingdom of Acorn. Having been called away from his service to Maximillian Acorn and given the Sword of Light, Connery wielded it in the quest the Walkers gave him: to hunt down and destroy all wielders of dark magic. The Sword's energies made the otherwise ordinary Connery a match for the likes of such villainous magicians as Black Death and the Enchantress, whom he slew with the Sword after defeating them with the aid of Knuckles the Echidna. Mathias Poe and Damocles the Elder would later fall to the Sword of Light as well. (StH: #45, #47)

It was later wielded against the Destructix as they attempted to steal Mammoth Mogul's Chaos Emerald from Merlin Prower, an ally of Connery's and successor to the Ancient Walkers. Connery then employed it one last time, drawing upon its ultimate attack to destroy the Sword and Crown of Acorns, thus wiping out the magic of the corrupted Source of All-though at the cost of his life as it drained his life force to unleash a devastating blast. Afterwards, the Sword of Light was claimed by King Elias Acorn as a royal artifact of his house, in memory of Connery's sacrifice and to replace the objects destroyed in battle with Mogul. (StH: #162, #163, #164)


Sonic weilding the Sword of Light.

The Sword of Light survived the Destruction of Knothole, and was taken to New Mobotropolis. In order to give Sonic a "magical edge" over the recenltly restored Ixis Naugus, who had invaded the castle, Elias threw the blade to Sonic for him to use against the evil wizard. Elias later took it up against Naugus himself, and Sonic briefly took possession of it again to contend with Naugus before their battle came to a halt. Following Elias' decision to step down it remained in the possession of the republic, and was used by the new "King" Naugus to swear in Isabella Mongoose as a member of the Council of Acorn. However, the touch of the artifact was painful to the wizard, who quickly relinquished it. (StH: #223, #224, #241)


The Sword of Light is possessed of magical properties, and imbues its wielder with certain gifts. Specifically created for doing battle with dark magic, it has the effect of making its wielder capable of combating spells. Its most potent attack has great destructive power, but requires the sacrifice of its wielders life force in order to work. Though it has not been shown to affect villainous non-magic users in a negative way, dark magicians-such as Ixis Naugus-are apparently pained by the slightest contact with it.