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Swash, is a robot pirate that resides in the Sol Zone. He is a member of Captain Metal's pirate crew.


New Captain, New Cause[]

Swash was one of many Sol Zone Pirates who called Pirate Island home, along with his comrade Buckle. The two served under the command of Boltbeard until a strange robot came to the island in a ship that had belonged to robot physician Doc Ratcheturn. The newcomer proved himself a dangerous force by defeating Boltbeard in a duel and destroying him, using his remains to augment his own robotic body. Now known as Captain Metal, the stranger took command of the Pirate Island crew and the Metal Marauder and set about eliminating a number of rival crews. Eventually, his crew came across Mobius natives Bark the Polar Bear and Bean the Dynamite, who joined the crew in gratitude for being rescued from the ocean. Around the same time, the pirates claimed one of the Sol Emeralds, which led them into conflict with Blaze the Cat and the other members of Team Rose aboard the Ocean Tornado. After a fierce sea battle, the pirates sank the attacking vessel and took Blaze captive. (SU: #55, #56)

Returning to Pirate Island with their prisoner, Swash and Buckle revealed how Captain Metal had come to be their leader on the way to their fortress. Once there, they watched their captain unveil his new Egg O' War battleship-discovered and refurbished by his crew-and his plans to power it using the Sol Emeralds. Swash and the rest of the pirates watched as Captain Metal's Kraken was given the chance to crush Blaze, only for Team Rose to intervene. Things went from bad to worse as the Sol Emerald was stolen first by Bark and Bean and then by Johnny, a member of a rival crew led by Captain Whisker. With the Marauder stolen by Team Rose in order to pursue the thief, Swash and Buckle joined their captain in a submarine to give chase. After Metal recovered the Emerald and Blaze and boarded the Egg O' War, Swash and Buckle were driven from their submarine by Bean, choosing to walk back to Pirate Island rather than face the insane duck. (SU: #56, #57, #58)


Swash affects many pirate mannerisms, particularly in his speech. Overall his attitude is one of self-preservation: he served Captain Metal rather than suffering the same fate as others who had opposed the dangerous robot, and chose to abandon ship rather than contend with Bean.


Swash is not known to possess any particular combat abilities, preferring to flee from a fight. He is apparently capable of underwater travel, and his trusty cane has the ability to deliver a powerful electric shock.

Background Information[]

  • Swash and Buckle's pairing seems to be similar to Orbot and Cubot, as well as Mini and Mum.
  • Swash and Buckle's names are an obvious play on the term swashbuckler, a sea-going swordsman.