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The Suppression Squad behind their former leader, King Scourge
Suppression Squad
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Anti Freedom Fighters


The Suppression Squad, formerly known as the Anti Freedom Fighters, are the Antiverse counterparts of the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Formed after Anti Sonic and Anti Sally disposed of Anti King Max, the Anti Freedom Fighters were largely unopposed in their universe. After a string of failures to overthrow Anti Robotnik, the cadre of evildoers deposed Anti Sonic as leader, replacing him briefly with Anti St. John and later Anti Sally. This was maintained until Anti Sonic, now mutated and calling himself Scourge, returned to the Antiverse and took over the entire planet within a matter of days. Following this the group was reformed into the Suppression Squad, with each member making changes to themselves so they were no longer simple duplicates of their Mobius Prime counterparts. The group lead a successful invasion of Freedom HQ under Scourge's leadership, but eventually the disgruntled members betrayed Scourge and, with help from the Knothole Freedom Fighters, disposed of his rule once again.

Alicia is the figurehead leader, while Miles is the true mastermind of the group.[1]


Initial Takeover[]

During the Great Peace in Anti Mobius, both Anti Sally and Anti Sonic grew dissatisfied with the leadership of King Anti Max. The two plotted behind the scenes and eventually tossed him into the Zone of Silence. (SSS: #10)

Actions As the Anti Freedom Fighters[]


The Anti Freedom Fighters

The other members of the Anti Freedom Fighters were first seen when they crossed over into the Prime Zone and impersonated their "good" counterparts. After stirring up trouble in Knothole, the Freedom Fighters realized what was going on. Both good and evil versions fought, resulting in the Anti Freedom Fighters being sent back to Anti Mobius. (StH: #24)

After repeated failures by Anti Sonic to dispose of Anti Robotnik, and his growing laziness, the Anti Freedom Fighters kicked their leader out of the gang, and made Evil St. John the new leader. (SSS: #10)

When Evil Sonic returned to his Zone, Anti Antoine, now called "Patch," attempted to strand Evil Sonic with a Zone-Link Generator. Evil Sonic turned the tables and used the generator to switch Patch with Antoine, and later switch Sonic with himself. Sonic found himself facing the Anti Freedom Fighters, now including Anti Bunnie, with Evil St. John nowhere in sight, and Anti Sally now in charge. She and Anti Bunnie were quickly tossed into polluted water which contained violent Octopods. After taking out the rest, Sonic alerted Anti Rotor to the switch regarding the Sonics. After returning to the Prime Zone, Sonic learned what happened with Antoine and corrected another switch. (StH: #150, #151, #156)

Reformed into the Suppression Squad[]

Following their departure from the service of Dr. Finitevus and fleeing Mobius Prime altogether during the titanic battle between the second Enerjak and Super Sonic, Scourge the Hedgehog and his girlfriend Fiona Fox came to Anti-Mobius using a Warp Ring super-charged with energy from the Master Emerald. (StH: #183, #184, #193)


The Anti-Freedom Fighters remake themselves into the Suppression Squad.

Initially planning to do some soul-searching, Scourge, remembering Sonic the Hedgehog's choice words about how they weren't so different, was shocked to find how right he was, and resolved to set apart and re-make everything on Anti-Mobius to distinguish it from the Primeverse. Within a matter of days, Scourge took over the planet and crowned himself King and Fiona his Queen. He also took back control of his old gang and reformed them into the Suppression Squad, who, now distinguished greatly from their counterparts, were forced to accept Scourge's leadership. Only Anti Bunnie, renamed Buns Rabbot, who was kicked out of the group because of her N.I.D.S., was not forced into service. The Suppression Squad acted as Scourge's back-up as he conquered the entire planet, including the defeat of Scourge's one-time ally Anti Knuckles. Scourge soon became bored and had them steal Dr. Ivo Kintobor's Globe Posts to invade the Prime Zone. (StH: #190, #193)

Invasion of Freedom HQ and Betrayal[]

Freedom lab

The Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad fighting for control of Freedom HQ.

Upon repairing a pair of stolen Globe Posts, Scourge sent the Squad ahead through the portal to launch a daring attack and invasion of Freedom HQ, and later joined the battle himself. After a pitched battle, the base itself was dangerously close to collapse, forcing the Freedom Fighters to retreat and allow the Suppression Squad to occupy the base. (StH: #189, #190)

Shortly after taking Freedom HQ, Anti-Tails (aka Miles) contacted Sally and the Freedom Fighters to discuss a truce due to their trump card from a counter invasion of their world with Sonic and Amy. As it were, the Suppression Squad was tired of Scourge and, aside from Fiona, they wanted him gone. Still seething from his takeover of the group, Miles offers the plan that Sonic can wear Scourge down, at which point the combined strength of the Freedom Fighters and the Suppression Squad will finish him. Sally agrees to the plan, despite Tails' protests, and Miles returns to Freedom HQ. Scourge is annoyed that he took so long on his supposed mission to bomb Mobotropolis, but Miles ignores him and simply tells Alicia that "the plan was a total success." Alicia replies that, "It's now time to show our king just what we think of him," with both Patch and Boomer shown clearly readying for battle. (StH: #193, #194)

FF&SS vs Scourge

The Freedom Fighters and Suppression Squad fighting Scourge and Fiona.

Scourge and Fiona fought ruthlessly, but being outnumbered they were defeated after Sonic's return from Moebius. Both Sonic and Scourge were then stunned by Boomer's weapon and thrown into a portal to Moebius by Miles. Later, both the Freedom Fighters and the Suppression Squad followed them to Moebius to ensure Scourge's surrender, but became victims of Super Scourge's wrath after he powered up using Anarchy Beryl. Thanks to Sonic, Scourge was defeated and taken to the No Zone for imprisonment, while the Suppression Squad began making plans for their next gambit. They also offered Buns Rabbot her spot back in the organization and were refused, though Miles was confident that she would change her mind. (StH: #194, #195, #196, #197)

Background information[]

  • The concept of the Anti Freedom Fighters was likely inspired by the evil version of the Justice League from the "anti-universe" of DC Comics. However when considering former writer Ken Penders is a Star Trek fan and his tendency to throw in any and all references to said show, it is just as likely that the concept of the Anti Freedom Fighters was inspired by the Original Star Trek Series episode Mirror, Mirror.
  • Miles, Boomer, and Alicia's names are all based off the names of their Mobius Prime counterparts: Boomer was the nickname of Rotor, Miles is the real name of Tails, and Alicia is Sally's middle name.
  • Certain members of the Suppression Squad in StH #189 and StH #190 had different colored uniforms and bodyparts. For example, Patch wore a blue tailored uniform, Boomer had gray cybernetics, and Miles had a gray uniform with a patch of red, as well as orange fur. But in StH #192, Patch had a green tailored uniform, Boomer had gold cybernetics, and Miles had a red uniform with a patch of gray, and his fur was changed to yellow. Alicia went through a similar change between those issues and went from a completely gray uniform to one that was mostly blue with a white patch on the chest and yellow trim.